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Shalom and welcome to Israël! Did you imagine lands dating back to the time of Moses? Israël has become a very modern country, with overwhelming technological advances: the GDP per capita of this tiny country is just behind the UK on a global scale! To come to Israël, is to immerse yourself in a land where legend and reality are intimately linked. From the little streets in Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives,, from the fortress of Massada, in Sinaï, to the wailing wall in Tel Aviv; there isn’t one place that hasn’t been mentioned in a historical text... and it’s for the best! However, Israël, isn’t only about that: the coastal resort of Eilat, the shores of the Dead Sea or even the long walks in the desert are all options for excursions, walks and adventures, just waiting to be lived. Why not also try and visit Palestine, where you will be welcomed by a proud and warm populace, always happy to share their history and amazing heritage, built up over thousands of years by different cultures who have resided there. So don’t be intimidated and go and explore this unknown land, to discover, day after day, the thousand and one facets of an extraordinary destination!
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Guide to travelling in Israel

Has browsing this website tempted you to choose Israel? Great idea! You will discover a destination full of surprises, where you find nature and history at every turn… If you have chosen this country to enjoy nature and outdoor activities, you won’t be disappointed: the choices are as wide-ranging as they are appealing. Why not explore some of world’s finest beauty spots, near Eilat, in the south of the country on shores of the Red Sea? Multi-coloured underwater encounters are on the cards! If you prefer the dizzying heights of the mountains, then a trek in the Negev and Judean deserts will suit you down to a tee. Springs, craters and canyons intersperse a journey on foot through legendary scenery. In the same vein (but a little less demanding), the Galilee region offers beautiful possibilities with, notably, Mount Carmel, the city of Sepphoris, the Gamla Nature Reserve, the Mount of Beatitudes and the mysterious (but welcoming) Druze villages. The possibilities are as tempting as they are varied! Israel holds countless mysteries and only reveals itself to the most patient and inquisitive. If you fit this description, don’t delay in setting off and starting to make the most wonderful memories… until your next visit!

When to go in Israel?

You can visit Israel at any time during the year: it all depends on the region you would like to visit. The north can experience cold winters, whereas the southern climate is almost unbearable in the summer. If you want to go walking, go in March or April. Also make sure you don't travel during a Jewish festival: the country stops and you risk becoming trapped by the celebration period.
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