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Senggigi (Indonesia)

Practical information about Senggigi

  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • Countryside
  • Water Sports
  • Place or Religious Monument
  • Off the beaten track
3 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
A 15 min taxi ride from Mataram
When to go
From June to October
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Senggigi

Marine Faure Travel writer
47 travel articles

Senggigi is a small town situated on the coast of Lombok.

My suggestion:
Go to the beach for a breathtaking sunset!

In the centre of the city, beware of sellers who offer you various illicit substances (remember that if you are arrested in possession of drugs, you risk life imprisonment or even the death penalty... so avoid taking risks!). I also noticed a good number of prostitutes in the tourist bars, so I preferred to take a guest room a little away from the centre.

The centre of Senggigi is not very interesting, so I crossed it quickly before going along the coast by scooter, where I rode along some very charming small coves with sandy beaches lined with coconut trees.

2 km from the centre of Senggigi, I visited Pura BatuBolung, a very pretty little Hindu temple on the seaside, built on volcanic rock. I have the wonderful memory of a religious procession that I saw just before sunset!

Senggigi is located not very far from Bangsal, the main port of departure for the Gili islands, where I continued my tour of Indonesia.

Sunset from the beach
Arthur Joffrin Travel writer
38 travel articles

Senggigi is Lombok's main seaside town, close to beautiful beaches and not far from the famous Gili Islands.  

My suggestion:
Senggigi is extended over a long central road which is too long to walk. Choose the centre to be close to the main beaches, restaurants and other infrastructure. 

During my stay in Indonesia on the Sunda Islands, I explored Senggigi in low season, so probably in an atmosphere that is more peaceful and less festive that in the high tourist season.

The town borders long, pale yellow, sandy beaches and has a lot of hotels, restaurants and other tourist infrastructure. Its atmosphere is quite pleasant and, although there are a lot of two wheelers and taxis, you can get around on foot. Sport, parties or relaxation? In the morning you can go to the beach or have a massage, in the afternoon go surfing and then finish your day with a few drinks in one of the bars or clubs. There are a few mosques and also a Hindu temple (at the south end of the beach) so you can also be a bit cultural even though the town has more for its tourists than for its inhabitants. 

Finally, as it's in the north west of Lombok, it's ideally placed to enjoy the region, You can rent a scooter in town and go off on pretty trips through the jungle in search of beautiful waterfalls in the north or temples in the south. You can organise a trek on the imposing Mount Rinjani (make sure you compare prices and bargain), or transport to the very popular Gili Islands. 

A wild beach north of Senggigi
Travel writer
31 travel articles

Senggigi is a village on the west of the island of Lombok, which runs alongside a beach.

My suggestion:
There is no need to sleep in town because there are lots of minibuses driving around the countryside during the day which will take you where you want to go in the evening. You can also hire a scooter to get about.

Senggigi's town centre is nothing special but its surroundings are very pretty and full of picturesque corners, coves and beaches, windy roads with splendid views and typical villages.

I used Senggigi as my base for exploring Lombok by scooter, on foot and by minibus through the villages looking for beaches, temples and waterfalls. Although Lombok is becoming more and more touristy it is still very peaceful and you can often find yourself alone. Its atmosphere is very relaxing, and the people are friendly - curious about you, happy to talk and happy to help. In brief, Senggigi was a little corner of paradise for a few days during my trip to Indonesia and I would be happy to go back there and explore a bit more.

View of Senggigi beach