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Kibich (Ethiopia)

Practical information about Kibich

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3 / 5 - One review
How to get there
13 km from Dima in a 4x4
When to go
Excluding the rainy season from March to June
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Kibich

Camille Griffoulieres Travel writer
116 travel articles

This village, located near Omo National Park and also Mago National Park in Omo Valley, is the gateway to the villages of the Mursi, Suri, Beheta, Koromu and Dizi tribes.

My suggestion:
Visiting this village, which is located a few kilometres from the South Sudan border, is not recommended at this time. It's worth reading up on the safety conditions there before you go.

Reach the end of the world when you arrive at Kibich. You get there from Dima on a really infernal trail, which is impossible to go through during the rainy season. Upon arrival, you pay an entrance fee to visit the tribes in the region; tourism is fairly well-organised here. You can also visit the neighbouring Omo National Park, but I'd always recommend that tourists go to Jinka and visit Mago National Park for safety reasons. Omo National Park extends over 4,000 km² and is really on the wild side. Buffaloes, giraffes and even elephants live there, but they're very difficult to spot.

Finally, few tourists make it to Kibish, which puts the visitor in an exploring mood, but at the same time, the conditions are more difficult. The situation is complicated - conflicts between tribes are unpredictable and this instability is added to that of the South Sudan border... You really need to be prepared for your trip. Visiting the Suri, Mursi, Becheta, Dizi and Koromu tribes is quite exceptional, as they practically never see tourists. A real privilege!

Suri girl in Kibish