Dubai Travel Guide

The 5 reasons to go to in Dubai

Dubai is a place whose name is synonymous with luxury and excess. Here are five very good reasons to spend a few days visiting and exploring the city!
  1. 1
    Discover a city unlike any other in the world
  2. 2
    Deliciously spiced Middle Eastern cuisine
  3. 3
    A trip combining urban attractions with desert adventure
  4. 4
    Meeting genuine local people
  5. 5
    Luxury at your fingertips
1. Discover a city unlike any other in the world
Though a familiar and well-known destination, Dubai is also bewilderingly unusual and exotic. Its luxury towers, its wildly hectic pace, and the traditions and everyday routines of daily life in the city are all part of what will come to define and set the tone for your trip. A trip to Dubai offers the opportunity to visitthe world's tallest tower, largest shopping centres, most luxurious shops, etc. Everything here takes on exaggerated proportions.
2. Deliciously spiced Middle Eastern cuisine
Though Dubai is an international city, it has not abandoned its origins. You can still enjoy wonderful local Middle Eastern dishes here.
3. A trip combining urban attractions with desert adventure
Dubai sits at the gateway to the desert, which means you will have the opportunity to visit and explore this immense expanse of sand for yourself when staying in the city, providing a fascinating and highly impressive experience. It is well worth considering spending one to three days in the desert during your trip to Dubai.
4. Meeting genuine local people
Dubai is a very friendly and welcoming city By getting off the beaten track, it is easy to meet and spend time with genuine local people. 
5. Luxury at your fingertips
If your budget will stretch to it and you have always dreamed of luxury hotels, helicopter trips and driving top of the range cars, Dubai can make it happen! This is the city where anything is possible.

When to go in Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is between October and May. This way, you avoid the blistering summer heat. However, you should know that numerous tourist sites are heavily air-conditioned. So you can enjoy Dubai all year round, whether you're travelling by yourself or with your family.
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What to see in Dubai?

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