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China is well known for its incredibly, history, art, food, music, and culture and as such has long been celebrated as the perfect choice of destination for those looking to get away from the familiar and immerse themselves in the adventure that comes with a visit to a new country. Whether you prefer ancient historical sites or cool modern attractions, you won’t be disappointed since China has it all, no matter what you’re looking for from your one week tour.

Best things to see and do for one week in China

What to see in one week

With such a huge area, it’s no surprise that China has so much to see during a one week itinerary. See classic, world-famous attractions, such as The Great Wall of China or The Terracotta Army to give yourself a taste of the incredible things to come during the rest of your trip. Visit the Forbidden City for an unforgettable destination filled to the brim with fascinating things to see and do in the museum, art exhibitions and the main palace complex. The Ming Tombs are yet another must-see attraction during your week in China and here, you can see 13 Ming dynasty emperors’ tombs as well as countless statues and artefacts dotted around this intricate complex. Don’t miss a trip to the Longmen Grottoes, a UNESCO site where you can see hundreds of Buddha statues carved out of the rock which makes for a unique and beautiful sight.

What to do in one week

No trip to China would be complete without a tour of its most impressive temples and palaces and you will have no shortage of these to visit during your 7 day itinerary, with amazing structures around every corner. Visit The Temple of Heaven to see a perfect example of traditional architecture from 1420 set into a beautiful and popular park. Or why not visit The Summer Palace? This beautiful place is famous for its impeccable gardens and grounds and you’ll be able to wander around and appreciate it all. The Potala Palace is another unmissable visit, complete with hundreds of shrines, rooms, and artefacts for you to feast your eyes on in this 17th Century luxury palace. For active visitors, China has so many National Parks and mountains to explore that you’ll be spoilt for choice during your time here. Jiuzhaigou is a stunning mountainous national park, complete with colourful lakes, dozens of waterfalls and some of China’s rarest wildlife, meaning it has something to please everyone. The Stone Forest is a large area which is dotted with bizarre and beautiful limestone pillars that stretch high into the sky and make this an amazing place to walk, hike, cycle or simply explore. Any adventurous travellers shouldn’t miss a trip to Mount Hua. This 2,155 metre peak is accessible via a cable car and offers visitors the option of completing a jaw dropping plank walk along the cliff side.

Best time to travel to China for a week

The best time to visit China for a week depends entirely on what you want to get out of your trip but, deciding when to go can be a difficult task and there are some general rules regarding times to avoid. During the high summer months the weather can reach scorching temperatures and as such is not the best time for sightseeing or activities that require physical exertion. Try to visit during the shoulder months of March, April, May, September and October for the perfect mixture of good weather without the excessive heat or humidity that accompanies a summer visit. During the winter the weather can become fairly cold, especially in the more mountainous regions and so these are generally to be avoided to make sure that you are able to visit everything that you want to see during your week here, without worrying about snow and ice putting a rain check on your plans. Whenever you decide to visit, you won’t want to leave this incredible place and you will be counting down the days until your next trip to China.

When to go in China?

Generally, spring and autumn are the most clement periods  for going to China. October, April-May, and in a lesser measure, September are the the favorite months for Chinese visitors, as well as foreigners. The temperatures are pleasant more or less everywhere, there is relatively little rainfall, and the vegetation and colors are particularly beautiful. In any case, avoid the public holidays, when the major cities and tourist sites will be under attack!
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