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The 6 reasons to go to in Chile

Travellers who dream about going to South America, with its vast open areas and completely different culture don't immediately consider a trip to Chile. But the country is full of natural riches and absolutely fabulous scenery.

  1. 1
    Discover another Patagonia
  2. 2
    Breath in the atmosphere of Chiloé.
  3. 3
    Walk around in the most beautiful nature park in the world
  4. 4
    Head to Easter Island.
  5. 5
    Stroll around Valparaiso
  6. 6
    Travel to the Atacama desert
1. Discover another Patagonia
Argentina doesn't have a monopoly over Patagonia. Chile boasts the same wild ground, vast, unending stretches of land, glaciers and unspoilt nature. There's no doubt that you'll love it, given that this side of the border, it's less touristy.
2. Breath in the atmosphere of Chiloé.
Although less exotic than Easter Island, the island of Chiloé is no less mysterious. No coconut palms here, as it rains more than 300 days a year. Rather, there is superb architecture and a unique atmosphere woven from legends and ancestral beliefs. Another world to discover
3. Walk around in the most beautiful nature park in the world
Torres del Paine is considered by many to be the most beautiful nature park on the planet. The scenery there will take your breath away. Hiking trails stretch off into infinity. This is, without question, a hiker's paradise.
4. Head to Easter Island.
East Island is the most isolated place on this earth. The atmosphere there is mystical and mysterious. The famous Moais are surrounded by legend. Everyone comes here to uncover the mystery of the incredible statues. But the island keeps its secret well, and therein lies its charm. Without doubt, a visit to Easter Island will number as one of the most beautiful holidays of your life.
5. Stroll around Valparaiso
Valparaiso is one of the most beautiful port towns in the world. Stroll along its streets at random or walk around the open-air museum, where the fronts of the houses display their frescoes and bright colours. Take the world-famous lifts which overlook the bay and transport you to the incredible home of Pablo Neruda.
6. Travel to the Atacama desert
It's unthinkable to take a trip to Chilewithout visiting the desert. The most arid desert in the world, it's nonetheless full of natural riches. Volcanoes, geysers, lagoons, unique wildlife, lunar landscapes...miracles, at your fingertips! Fans of astronomy should be aware that here, the sky is more often than not cloudless at night. It's the ideal place for lying back and stargazing.

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When to go in Chile?

There's no particular time of year when you should go to Chile: the country is spread across a large part of Central America, so benefits from a varied climate. Opt for spring or autumn if you're heading to Santiago or the central parts of the country and travel during summer if you want to tour the lake region. Bear in mind that Easter Island and Patagonia can get chilly, so summer's the best time to go. What's more Chile's in the Southern Hemisphere so the seasons are opposite. In other words summertime in Chile is between December and February.
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