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The 5 reasons to go to in the Baltic States

The Baltic states obtained their independence approximately twenty years ago. Their corporations are now in full transformation, whilst tourism is just beginning. Are you still hesitating over visiting there?
Here are 5 good reasons to discover the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) during your next vacation.
  1. 1
    The charm of the capitals
  2. 2
    The tranquility of the Baltic coast
  3. 3
    Soviet cultural heritage
  4. 4
    The omnipresence of nature through lakes and forests
  5. 5
    Three countries in a single trip
1. The charm of the capitals
Whether it's Tallinn, Riga or to a lesser extent Vilnius, the charm of these old cities will whisk you away in a captivating atmoshpere, ideal even for instilling a touch of romance if you're travelling as a couple.
2. The tranquility of the Baltic coast
The Baltic Sea borders the three countries on their west shorelines, which are scarcely populated. Those who love a calm sea and space to sunbathe on the sand (sometimes pebbles), will find happiness here. 
3. Soviet cultural heritage
Even if the page is about to be turned, the years of ex-USSR rule over the Baltic states have left a consequent heritage, now exposed to tourists. You'll feel this cultural heritage, whatever it is, in the 3 countries, sometimes not well accepted.
4. The omnipresence of nature through lakes and forests
In the Baltic states, you won't see staggeringly high slopes or sharp peaks, but just a few hills to climb. Overall, the 3 countries are flat; however, the weak population density leaves room for lakes and lush forests, not to mention the fauna and flora.
5. Three countries in a single trip
The small size of each of the three countries makes one big road trip, and you can go easily from northern Estonia to eastern Lithuania. So much to enjoy for a full trip!

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When to go in the Baltic States?

Many travellers prefer to head to the Baltic countries when the weather is fine in order to make the most of the longer days and the fact that there are more hours of sunshine than in winter You do still need to be aware of the possibility of showers, however. It is essential to always have a rainproof coat with you, despite the fact that it can be hot and sultry in summer. That said, a visit in winter can still offer a good experience if you want to see these countries in a different light.
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