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Nahuel Hapi

Nahuel Hapi (Argentina)

Practical information about Nahuel Hapi

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  • Viewpoint
  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Mountain
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  • Lake
  • Waterfall
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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
30 minutes by car from San Carlos de Bariloche
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Nahuel Hapi

Caroline Gourmaud Travel writer
221 travel articles

Nahuel Huapi is a lake in the park of the same name, just a few kilometres from the famous ski resort San Carlos de Bariloche.

My suggestion:
You can get to Lake Nahuel Huapi from Bariloche by bike. Which is a great outing in the wonderful fresh air of wild Patagonia.

Like Lakes Correntoso, Espejo, Lago Escondido, Falkner, Villarino and Machonico, Lake Nahuel Huapi is part of the Road of the Seven Lakes. Its name means "Tiger island" in the Mapuche language. Nahuel Huapi National Park is also a magnificent natural reserve in the south west of the province of Neuquén and north east of the province of  Río Negro.

During my stay in Bariloche I loved cycling round the lake. Just imagine it - a 30 km route with the snow topped peaks and immense pine forests of the Andes as a backdrop. Perfect! However, this route is for those who are fit... If you're not very keen on two wheels you can always chose a trip in a canoe, or simply on foot.

After my exertions a bit of cocooning - I headed straight for one of the town's chocolate shops. What can I say, Argentine chocolate is just as good as its wine!

Lake Nahuel Huapi
Travel writer
18 travel articles

The country's oldest national park, Nahuel Huapi is exceptionally beautiful. The park stretches over 717,000 hectares in north Patagonia, along the border with Chile.

My suggestion:
You can explore the park from different base camps, and you should think about taking trekking poles if you are going in winter (wind + snow = sllipping hazard).

Nahuel Huapi is one of those places that I would like to go back to. At the foot of the Andes the crystal water, high peaks and dense forests of the park are magnificent. The botanists among you will recognise the Patagonian Cypress, and Inca lilies, and zoologists colonial tuco-tucos and pudú - the first is a rodent and the second a small deer.

If you like trekking you'll be ecstatic because there is something for everyone. From a gentle climb on Cerro Catedral next to San Carlos de Bariloche to the trail joining Cerro Panguinal to Lago Espejo Chico in the north of the park, you won't be disappointed. Wherever I went in Nahuel Huapi I felt very small! And I really adored it.

Nahuel Huapi national park.
Lake in Nauhuel Huapi
Travel writer
181 travel articles

A National Park in northern Argentine Patagonia and one of the country's most touristic places.

My suggestion:
Bariloche, the town adjacent to the park, is certainly the place to be for any budget. But don't hesitate to pitch a tent or sleep in the great outdoors, as there are plenty of options in the area!

If you include Patagonia on your Argentine itinerary, you'll certainly make a stop in this part of the country. And that would be a very good idea anyway;  Nahuel Huapi is awesome and very well organised. There are plenty of outdoor activities from sport fishing to climbing and hiking... I loved it! But on the other hand, don't expect to a total and absolute change of scenery: some of the vegetation comes from our European lands.

The essential must is the lake of the same name, where you can take a catamaran ride if your budget allows for it. But the park is huge, so it has lots of hikes leading to its lagoons, hills and different glaciers. In my opinion, the area around Refugio Frey deserves a special mention; it's a paradise for those who love climbing!

View of the lake
Mt. Cathedral peaks from Refugio Frey