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Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn (Argentina)

Practical information about Puerto Madryn

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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
1 hour by bus from Trelew
When to go
Between September and March
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Puerto Madryn

Fanny Dumond Travel writer
58 travel articles

Puerto Madryn, the entry point to the famous Valdés Peninsula, is a village in the north of Patagonia on the Atlantic coast of Argentina.

My suggestion:
Lots of Argentine tourists go to Puerto Madryn during Janaury and February, the southern summer. So avoid this period. 

Puerto Madryn is a seaside town of 60,000 inhabitants on the Golfo Nuevo. It's a town that was built recently and doesn't have any particular charm. But I like its long sandy beaches, even if the ocean water is glacial.

You have to go through Puerto Madryn if you want to go to Punta Tombo penguin reserve, 170 km to the south, or to the famous Valdès Peninsula, to the east. This last, which is a 360,000 hectare paradise of animal life, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the ideal destination for family holidays.

Because the main reason for coming to the region is to see the animal life make sure you check up when they are there before you come, otherwise you may be disappointed.

Puerto Madryn
michael mamane Travel writer
53 travel articles

Puerto Madryn, the place from which to visit the Valdès Peninsula, is on the Atlantic sea coast, in the north of Argentine Patagonia.

My suggestion:
You should visi Puerto Madryn between September and November as that's the best time to see the Southern Right whales and the orca. An absolute must see for nature lovers travelling in Argentina.

Puerto Madryn was one of my favourite places during my trip to Argentina and is one of my best souvenirs. I am passionate about nature and animal life so the things I saw and felt there made Puerto Madryn like paradise for me.

The town is pleasant, relaxed, beautifully placed by the sea and has everything that tourists need for a nice stay.

Puerto Madryn is the place to stay if you want to visit the Valdès Peninsula. If you go to Argentina between September and November then you absolutely must visit this magnificent region because its has an incredibly diverse marine life. Everything from whale watching on the beach to sightings of orcas, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, birds...

If you are visiting the Valdes Peninsula for just one day then head for Punta Norte for a chance to see orcas and whales. And don't forget to go and watch the Tonina dolphins at Playa Union.

A pod of orcas
Tonina dolphins
David Debrincat Travel writer
459 travel articles

Puerto Madryn is a very pleasant town which has the added advantage of being a good base for going to see the penguins at Punta Tombo or the whales on the Valdés Peninsula.

My suggestion:
The ideal times to go are from September to November to see the whales or until March to see the penguins.

If you just want a base from which to do different visits, Puerto Madryn is a nice town that I really enjoyed staying in during my trip to Argentina.

It's the ideal base for the numerous activities that you can do in the area. Welsh Trelew, Punta Tombo's penguins, whales on the Valdés Peninsula, dolphins, mountain biking, canoeing, diving, other water sports... there's something for everyone at Puerto Madryn, whether you are travelling with your family or looking for an athletic holiday.

The ideal period to see the wild life is between September and November. The rest of the year you can find a good account of the local marine life in the Ecocentro.

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