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Iguaçu Falls

Iguaçu Falls (Argentina)

Practical information about Iguaçu Falls

  • Family
  • Nature Reserve / Wildlife Observation / Safari
  • Viewpoint
  • Waterfall
  • Unesco World Heritage
  • Essential
5 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
90 minutes by plane from Buenos Aires
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Iguaçu Falls

Travel writer
181 travel articles

A Wonder of Nature straddling the Argentina-Brazil border and today a national park inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

My suggestion:
The panoramic views from the Brazilian side are simply sensational and wonderful to photograph. However, I also have to recommend you visit (passport in hand) the Argentinian side and see the view from the suspended walkways above the falls. 

Iguazu Falls may well lie at the heart of a tropical rainforest (subtropical?), but there's nothing really natural about the national park on the Brazilian side. Just the opposite in fact, as it's a veritable tourist complex with its full share of turnstiles, which make it possible to regulate the flow of visitors. 

But this is of little importance as the spectacle is absolutely incredible regardless. And despite the tarmac, quite a few unfamiliar animals and insects, such as coatis and all kinds of butterflies, come up to you to say their little hello. 

On the program at Iguazu Falls: a series of waterfalls seen from a single, unique path offering different vantage points at every turn. It's an absolute wonder! The highlight of the show: arriving at the "Devil's Throat, the largest of all the falls and hypnotic in its power. It's spectacular, and this is the precise point at which nature itself seems to reassert its dominance. To round off the tour, a lift takes you up to a viewpoint looking out over practically the whole falls. You'll be left, without a shadow of a doubt, open-mouthed in awe

Other activities not included in the cost of the entrance ticket are available at the park entrance: jeep ride, canoeing, canopy walk, etc. And for those who can afford it and want something to fill the rest of the day, why not, given that the initial tour is over quite quickly.

Although the site is located in the extreme south of the country, it really should be included among the essential places to see on your trip through Brazil.   Personally, I rate it as one of the top 10 most incredible sites I've yet had the opportunity to see!

Iguazu Falls
Travel writer
13 travel articles

This magical place is one of the "New7Wonders of Nature" and is both magnificent and stunning. There are almost 300 waterfalls displaying all their power and beauty to be seen here. This is a must-see place when visiting Brazil

My suggestion:
The Cataratas ("waterfalls") attract large numbers of visitors all year round. I advise going early in the morning to avoid the bulk of the crowds (and the heat). If you have to choose between the Brazilian side and the Argentinian one, opt for the former.

Iguazú Falls really blew me away!  I was captivated by the power of the water and the beauty of the landscape. I also enjoyed the company of the coatis, the little mammals that walk up and down the path leading to the Garganta do Diabo (the "Devil's Throat").

OK, you do have to zigzag between the groups of visitors, and you do have to avoid appearing in the frame when people are taking photos a little too often, but once on the footbridge in the middle of the water, I forgot all that and simply relished the experience of the showering you get at these extraordinary falls!

After visiting the Iguazú National Park, I went a little distance away to buy a hammock in order to treat myself to a well-earned siesta! Indian craft items are sold along the road over by the Parque das Aves ("bird park"). You can approach close to the brilliantly multicolored, feathered creatures inside the park. The only other thing to mention is that there are quite frequent buses to Foz do Iguaçu, the closest city.

"Garganta do Diabo" from the Brazilian side
David Debrincat Travel writer
459 travel articles

A natural border between Argentina and Brazil, the town of Iguaçu is home to famous, spectacular falls, considered to be some of the finest in the world.

My suggestion:
The best view of the falls is from the Brazilian side. You can combine it with a trip to the Argentinian side.

A mythical Brazilian tourist attraction, I decided to arrive at Iguaçu from the Argentinian side, where I'd been the day before. If you do come here from Argentina, don't forget your passport, so you can cross the border and tell your friends that you'll be going to Brazil for the day. It's an awesome outing!

Visiting from the Argentinian side takes less time but the panoramic view is stunning. Right next to the highest fall, a footbridge runs above the water and disappears into the torrent's mist. I had arrived at the famous, impressive Devil's Throat footbridge. The noise is deafening and you should be prepared for a soaking. Whether it's from Argentina or Brazil, the effect is the same; I was in awe.

Opposite the falls is a bird park. I'm not a big fan of zoos, but I have to say this one was something special. You'll get close up to toucans, red ibis, pink flamingos, parrots... What makes it stand apart, is that it's in a forest, so you get a feel of the birds' natural habitat; you can even go inside some of the cages.

A rainbow over Iguaçu