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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Senegal

A leading destination on this part of the African continent, the country is much sought-after by a huge amount of tourists. You've also decided on a trip to Senegal. For an ideal stay there, prepare your suitcase with the greatest care and attention.

If you have chosen to visit Senegal, it's undoubtedly for the climate. So, on the clothing side of things, you'll need light pieces which will allow you to best withstand the heat. This still shouldn't prevent you from taking a few longer pieces of clothing which cover the arms and legs. You'll need them in the evening to protect yourself against mosquito bites and also for visiting certain religious sites. Of course, a swimsuit is essential for diving in the Atlantic Ocean or to cool off in the hotel's swimming pool.

You need to be particularly methodical when preparing your first-aid kit. In addition to classic medicines, meant to heal little everyday scratches and bumps, also think of taking with you something to deal with digestive complaints. They're not rare in Senegal! Also consider taking with you antimalarial medication which your doctor will have prescribed, as well as a good mosquito repellent. A hat, sunglasses and cream will protect you from the sun's rays, so that you can tan in complete safety, without resembling a crayfish. For the opposite scenario, take a tube of Biafine with you to relieve sunburns.

Have your camera or video camera with you, for all your souvenirs. Also think of taking enough memory cards with you to store all of your photos. Make a photocopy of your ID papers too. This is always very useful if you lose the originals. If you intend to drive when you're there or to rent a vehicle, you'll need to have your international driving licence with you. Impossible to leave without your bank card for your cash withdrawals.

To cope best with the cultural shock waiting for you, don't set off without your open-mindedness.

To pack in your suitcase:

  1. Your international vaccination card
  2. Your international driving licence to take the wheel there
  3. A torch to give you light during the regular power outages
  4. A camera or a video camera to show your travel souvenirs
  5. A bank card for cash withdrawals
  6. A photocopy of your passport will serve you well if you lose the original
  7. Medication for digestive complaints (which travellers know all too well)
  8. Medication for malaria, which is present in Senegal
  9. A good sun cream to tan safely
  10. A mosquito repellent
  11. A first-aid kit to tackle daily knocks
  12. Closed shoes for your walks
  13. Your swimsuit to dive in the ocean or for a swimming pool
  14. Long clothing for when the mosquitoes are hungry
  15. Light clothing for the overwhelming heat
David Debrincat
459 contributions