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Whilst Peru is often synonymous with Machu Picchu, whose steep slopes might not seem like the perfect stomping ground for little feet, there is so much for families to discover in this beautiful country on one of our tailor-made Peru tours. Head to one of the smaller archaeological sites to escape the crowds and the steep hike, without compromising on any of the fascinating history or the sense of adventure. Lima’s colourful sights and sounds will be sure to please visitors of any age, or if the city isn’t your thing, spend some time on one of Peru’s stunning beaches, soaking up the sun or splashing in the crystal waters.

Best things to see and do in Peru with kids

Peru’s family friendly activities are sure to keep the entire family entertained throughout your time in this magnificent country and there are so many to choose from. In Lima, wander the interesting and beautiful streets before visiting the Chocomuseo, a chocolate museum providing interactive and hands on classes and experiences for parents and families of all ages. Wherever you go in Peru, you’ll be able to take a cycle tour since this country is so well suited to the cyclist way of life, meaning you can rent a bicycle from one of many rental shops that you will find on your travels. Peru is also home to water parks, which are perfect for a family day of fun in the sun. El Circuito Magico Del Agua is one interesting example in Lima, which may not involve any water slides but is a fun visit with water fountains galore and even a light show once the sun sets. If water is what you’re after, then spend some time on the North Coast in Mancora where you and your family can relax or even give surfing a go. For archaeological wonders, visit Cusco or Machu Picchu which are breathtaking sites. Cusco in particular is a must-see for visitors of all ages, and you’ll be able to wander the narrow streets of this ancient Incan city that is undoubtedly the historical centre of Peru. You can also enjoy thrilling zipline rides or bike rides around the ruins. For younger children, the walk to Machu Picchu can be challenging, but don’t worry! There’s plenty to do further down, in the nearby, smaller sites such as Pisac and Maras where you can get up close to some llamas or meet some locals.

On top of all that, why not visit Colca Canyon for a gentle trek, where you can also ride horses and feel like a real cowboy as you explore one of the world’s deepest canyons. For real adventure lovers, another great activity for families is a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines in a thrilling plane ride, or even a piranha fishing excursion in the Amazon River! Lake Titicaca is another location that is not to be missed for any families visiting Peru, and looks as though it has been lifted straight from a film; you and your family are guaranteed to make some amazing memories here.

Best time to visit Peru as a family

Peru’s huge range of geographical features means that the climate can vary hugely depending on location, and it can be tricky to work out exactly when to go. In Lima, you may need to pack extra layers for the night time if you plan on visiting between November and March but this will likely be the only place where such precautions are necessary. Higher altitudes bring cooler and fresher temperatures and often provide a nice escape from the humidity of the jungle. The coast is best visited around January, when the weather is hot. You will be able to cool off in the sea, whose waters are usually cool due to currents. Since the weather is so variable, the busiest times to visit are often dictated by national holidays, with many tourist flocking during the winter months and then again in high summer. 

Family holiday tips for travelling to Peru

With a little research and knowledge you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your family trip to Peru, here a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your holiday.

  • Latino culture is so warm and welcoming toward families and children that you’ll instantly feel comfortable here. If anywhere is the place for a homestay, its here, where hospitality and friendly locals will leave a lasting impression on you all and may just make your trip.
  • As with any visit to a foreign country, check with your GP before leaving whether there are any vaccinations or medicines that you need to get. Bring along plenty of mosquito spray too, to avoid the annoyance of itchy bug bites throughout your trip. If you plan on visiting the Amazon, be sure to mention this to your doctor too, since this can require extra medicines and vaccinations.
  • Take it easy when you first climb to Peru’s highest altitudes since these can be tiring for everyone and pushing yourselves can exacerbate the situation and led to altitude sickness. If you do find the altitude getting to you, muña tea or coca leaves can help.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas where pickpockets are rife. Keep cash and any important documents in a safe a hidden place.
  • Learn a few key phrases. Learning some choice words and phrases can be extremely handy should you find yourself in a situation where no one speaks English. Learning a new language can also be a great new challenger for your children. If nothing else, it always goes down well to greet locals in their own language.

When to go in Peru?

You can go to Peru at any time of year. In fact, the country's climate varies enormously across the regions. Choose the dry season, from December to March, to visit the coast. June to August or in mid-season is best for touring the Andes and September or November is best for a hike in the Amazon rainforest. You can climb the famous Machu Picchu and go down the Madre de Dios river by canoe in this colourful country with its huge number of tourist attractions.
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