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An update from Evaneos

Grasp India and its facets with a French-speaking guide

A trip with a guide doesn't mean a fully organised trip! It is good to know how to use the available resources in the right places and at the right times. You will gain a lot by opting for the services of a French-speaking guide.

Why should you travel with a French-speaking guide?

Mainly, so you don't lose anything from your trip, but also to increase your knowledge of the places visited! India is a complex country, not to say extremely complex. During your trip to India, you seem to be from a different planet! This complexity explains, if not leads you to opt for a knowledgeable guide.

India has a rich age-old history, where several religions, cultures and languages mix. If you choose to be accompanied for the entire trip, the guide will be an excellent tool in preparing your trip.

The country is vast! There are many regions and they aren't similar. A guide will be able to suggest the best options for you, whether it's your first trip or whether you've already been there several times before.

For those who prefer a bit of freedom, you shouldn't rule out the possibility of traveling with a guide.

The Hindu religion and its numerous gods, the consequences of the presence of colonists, territorial devision, women, ancient kingdoms, or even the colourful and spicy local gastronomy are just several examples of intricacies that you will come across during your trip, but where it's also very easy to get lost. Finally, all the small things that seem simple can turn out to be complex in this country.

On the banks of the Ganges River

Visit Varanasi with a guide

Varanasi is the perfect example of a town to discover with a guide. This holy city is a major pilgrimage site where Hindus come to die in order to quickly rise to heaven. By being aware of this reality, it's already much easier to understand the daily spectacle that takes place there.A trip to Varanasi without opting for a guide if only for a day, would not be complete. The guide will enable you to grasp all the intricacies of this culture in multiple facets. It's also the perfect place to visit temples and learn about the different gods. Between Shiva, Bhrama, Vishnu, to name only a few, there's a lot to learn.

Personally, I resorted to a local French-speaking guidefor a single day in Varanasi and that allowed me to firmly grasp all the sights that I witnessed for the rest of my trip.

Finally, a trip to India is a daily adventure! For those who aren't used to so much chaos, counting on a local guide is extremely reassuring. They can explain all the newness and manage stressful situations.

Emilie Couillard
129 contributions
Updated 21 November 2015
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