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Kalbarri (Australia)

Practical information about Kalbarri

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  • Nature Reserve / Wildlife Observation / Safari
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  • River
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5 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
5 hours from Perth by car
When to go
Between September and April
Minimum stay
2 to 3 days

Reviews of Kalbarri

Lorette Vinet Travel writer
61 travel articles

In Kalbarri National Park everything is ochre. For those who appreciate a stroll, you won't be at all disappointed by this 8 km loop which is sometimes overlooking, or sometimes engulfed in, the river bed; a witness of the geological past.

My suggestion:
The park is only an hour from Kalbarri, entry is at a fee, it's forbidden to spend the night there but advised to visit very early in the morning to avoid the risk of heatstroke and attacks from groups of flies as a rule!

The destination: Kalbarri and its national park.
Our form of transport: a super cool Toyota van.
On the journey: cliffs (Island Rock, Grand Stand, The Natural Bridge) which we travelled between on foot on the rocky Bigurda Trail.
Our camp site: the park itself, where it is formally forbidden to sleep (and so we didn't pay for it).
Our pre-dinner walk in the evening: Nature's Window.
Our home: swags, a type of duvet/mattress/individual tent combination, equipped to resist anything, placed in the trailer of the car (in case the rangers moved us...).
Our ceiling: the stars... Including one shooting one.

And a morning alarm at 04:50. Phew, it wasn't the rangers! But let's continue with the programme, The Loop, eight kilometres to follow along the path of a river bed struck with the harshest climatic conditions for hundreds of thousands of years. Three hours to reach the end, fortunately no more or we'd die of heat... Fortunately, the wind is there! As we never got bored of seeing all the different colours, we took a detour to the Z bend and its small hike, then returned to Kalbarri for a bathe in the warm, clear water where the ocean is held. Frankly what is better? Hurry!

In a former river bed
Lisa Gaillard Travel writer
49 travel articles

A town of 2,000 inhabitants on the seaside, Kalbarri is located at the mouth of the Murchison River, which runs through the adjacent national park.

My suggestion:
Go to the Kalbarri National Park, the Hawk's Head and Ross Graham viewpoints, and visit the Loop and Z-Benz gorges. Take a selfie at Nature Window. Surf at one of the famous spots of Kalbarri. Discover the lake toward the south.

Kalbarri is tiny and quiet: palm trees, a few houses and a few shops on the seaside. It is nice to picnic on the lawns beside the marina. In the morning, you can watch the pelican feeding and in the evening you can stroll along the coast to admire the viewpoints at the south end of the city.

A lot of activities are available for those who are interested in a sporting holiday in Australia . For example, you can fish or go rafting or kayaking on the Murchison River. In Kalbarri, you can also surf. There are a lot of spots for confirmed surfers, such as the famous Jakes Point: a powerful left-hander.

I liked the scenery of Kalbarri National Park and the red rocks that reflect in the dark water. The only unpleasant thing about the park are the flies. In fact, they come to get some moisture out of your mouth or your eyes: it is pretty unbearable! I went swimming to cool down in Murchison River. (Don't worry about the crocodiles, you are not far enough north!) The weather is rather unstable in June. It is the beginning of the winter and it rains a lot in Kalbarri. So, many roads were closed in the park. Unfortunately, I was not able to photograph the famous Nature Windows, a natural arch which opens the view on the river.

On the road toward the south, stop at the different points of view to take some beautiful photos from the steep cliffs like Red Bluff and stop off at the pink lake. Before coming to Australia, I would never have imagined that a lake of that colour could exist on earth. All nature is surprising in Australia, not to mention all those strange animals like the wombat or the bilby that only live there. This lake, named Hutt Lagoon, is located 35 km south of Kalbarri. It is a salty lake and the pink colour comes from an alga that generates beta-carotene, which is used as food-colouring agent. It is just gorgeous!

Kalbarri National Park
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