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Tanzania Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Tanzania

Tanzania has the advantage of offering enough to satisfy the tastes of many types of visitor. There are a thousand and one reasons to choose Tanzania as a travel destination.

  • 1.
    Experience a very different kind of destination
  • 2.
    Sunbathe on fine sandy beaches
  • 3.
    Head off on a safari and see the big five
  • 4.
    Get the chance to meet the Massai people
  • 5.
    Admire or climb Kilimanjaro

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

If you love nature, in whatever form it comes and are not afraid of cultural shocks, then book your ticket right now! If you don't like anything out of the ordinary, then this country's not for you! Here are some thoughts for you to mull over.

You should go if

  • You yearn to see Kilimanjaro's snow
  • And you want to climb Kili's 5,895 meters to reach the Roof of Africa
  • Maybe cultural shocks are the thrill you need
  • To see the Big 5 in the Seregenti and Ngorongoro, the world's best gameparks, is a childhood dream
  • You love stretching out on white, sandy beaches
  • You want to meet and learn more about the Masai
  • You like really hot weather
  • You're a people person and can't wait to make friends

You shouldn't go if

  • Are you a townie rather than a country person?
  • Maybe you require a certain level of comfort
  • Are you looking for an affordable destination?
  • Do you have less than 2 weeks vacation time?
  • Maybe the idea of watching a lioness play with her cubs makes you yawn...

Culture and Discovery

Tanzania, the example of Chumbe Island Coral Park

It's like a big stone which would be a model for ecotourism management, laid down in the middle of the fishing waters of the Indian Ocean. Chumbe Island, to the South-Wes...
Laetitia Santos21 November 2015
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Books and documentaries on Tanzania

You haven't left home yet, but you'd like to delve into Tanzanian culture. Be it in front of your TV or with your nose in a book, here are some ideas for learning more on...
David Debrincat28 May 2015
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The state of Tanzania today

Politics, the economic situation, tourism – where does Tanzania stand today in these respects? Here is an overview of the current situation.
David Debrincat28 May 2015
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Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area: the most beautiful parks in the world

Here is why Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area could be considered as the most beautiful parks in the world. A must-see during a safari in Tanzania!...
David Debrincat21 April 2016
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The Kilimanjaro, the ascension to the highest peak of Africa.

This article will see you climb the 5895 metres to the roof of Africa, the mythical summit of the Kilimanjaro.
David Debrincat21 April 2016
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Dar es Salaam, a name that makes travellers dreamy

This article plunges you into the heart of Dar es Salaam, a city with a mythical name.
David Debrincat21 April 2016
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