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Mexico itineraries & trip ideas

Prefer to learn about the pre-colonial heritage of Mexico through Aztec and Mayan ruins scattered in the central region? Feel more like exploring the vast northern deserts or simply relaxing on pristine beaches? Maybe you want to see the Spanish heritage and influence still so pr...

Prefer to learn about the pre-colonial heritage of Mexico through Aztec and Mayan ruins scattered in the central region? Feel more like exploring the vast northern deserts or simply relaxing on pristine beaches? Maybe you want to see the Spanish heritage and influence still so present in the architecture of Guadalajara, or to design a tour based on sampling the hundreds of spicy to sweet salsas in every region?

Whatever you’re looking for from your trip to Mexico, our excellently rated travel agent, Sonia, has stellar reviews for her unbeatable expertise in the country. Here are some of the pre-made tours she has put together for other Evaneos travellers that you can completely customise with more or fewer destinations, different hotels, and anything else you need.

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24 customisable tours in Mexico
  • Highlights
Beach and cooking class in Mexico!
In this itinerary you will not only have sun, cristal clear water and white beaches, but also give the oppurtunity to go snorkeling and...
Approx.5 daysFrom£2,030
  • Highlights
Road trip in the Yucatan
Follow the Mayans back in time through the states of Chiapas, Campeche, and the Yucatan. Created for families or small...
Approx.10 daysFrom£700
  • Highlights
Spotlight Mexico And Colonial Towns
Looking to get off the beaten track? Embrace a Mexico rarely visited by tourists on this 15-day tour, starting in Mexico City. Explore the colonial...
Approx.15 daysFrom£1,660
  • Highlights
Highlights of Cancun and Tulum For Families
Our fully customisable, private 8-day Mexico tour has been designed for families travelling with children. Your tour starts and ends in...
Approx.8 daysFrom£1,200
  • Highlights
Central And Southern Highlights
This 14-day, self-drive adventure into the Mayan history of Mexico will let your experience the highlights at your own pace. Travel from vibrant...
Approx.14 daysFrom£1,020
  • Boutique travel
Luxury beaches, and Mayan ruins
Our eight-day, customizable tour provides the perfect luxury escape for couples or small groups. You'll have the chance to experience...
Approx.8 daysFrom£2,330
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  • Adventure
Volcanoes And Adrenaline
Get ready to climb to the summit of Mexico's most beautiful but challenging volcanoes with a private certified mountain climbing guide. Over...
Approx.15 daysFrom£2,020
  • Highlights
Yucatan road trip for families
Our fully customizable, 12-day self-drive tour has been designed for families traveling with children of all ages. Your tour starts and ends...
Approx.12 daysFrom£1,460
  • Highlights
Mayan Wonders in Two Weeks
Would you love to explore the highlights of Mexico, stumble through the jungles, wander around the colonial cities and relax on the white beaches of...
Approx.12 daysFrom£1,360
  • Highlights
Ultimate Mexican Explorer
If you can't make up your mind as to what to see and where to go in Mexico, why not do it all? From Mexico City to Cancun in 15 days, this trip offers...
Approx.15 daysFrom£1,550
  • Highlights
Yucatan In a Nutshell
This is a week-long trip to discover the magic of Yucatán and Quintana Roo. Clients will arrive in and depart from Cancun and take a tour around the...
Approx.7 daysFrom£780
  • Highlights
Yucatan Self-Drive Honeymoon
Are you ready to take the wheel and journey across the plains of the Yucatán Peninsula? During this 9-day trip, you will drive to some of the most...
Approx.9 daysFrom£850
  • Boutique travel
Luxury Hacienda Honeymoon
If you are looking to explore the beauty of the Yucatán Peninsula whilst staying in some of the best hotels around, this is the trip for you....
Approx.10 daysFrom£2,050
  • Highlights
Hacienda Road Trip
Cruise the Yucatán Peninsula whilst staying in the most romantic and luxurious hotels around! Haciendas are one of the highlights...
Approx.10 daysFrom£1,080
  • Highlights
Day of the Dead Encounters
This 9-day trip falls over Halloween weekend and includes some tailor-made trips to see some Day of the Dead celebrations. Visit Oaxaca, Puebla and...
Approx.9 daysFrom£970
  • Off the beaten track
Flight of the Monarch Butterflies
Every year between November and March, you can experience one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon in Mexico; the Monarch Butterflies. Come and...
Approx.7 daysFrom£680
  • Off the beaten track
Copper Canyon Train Adventure
Travel down through Mexico's Copper Canyon on the famous El Chepe train. Take a week-long, scenic ride down through Northern Mexico’s rugged and...
Approx.8 daysFrom£890
  • Off the beaten track
Whistle-stop Mexico City
Welcome to the oldest capital city in Latin America and one of the largest in the world: Mexico City! Once the capital of the Aztec Empire,...
Approx.5 daysFrom£630
  • Off the beaten track
Sanctuary for your Spirit
Mexico offers you the most stunning environments to refresh, re-energize and heal. Each of our retreats is designed to revitalize and rejuvenate the...
Approx.7 daysFrom£1,490
  • Off the beaten track
Treasures of Michoacàn
Traditional, hidden, beautiful are only a few words that can describe the incredible state of Michoacán. Rarely visited by foreigners and...
Approx.8 daysFrom£1,640

Travelling to Mexico: final tips and advice


  • Heavenly beaches across multiple, varied coastlines
  • Mountain landscapes to die for
  • Awe-inspiring deserts in the north and lush tropical forests in the south
  • A bustling and cosmopolitan capital, Mexico City
  • Historical monuments spanning from Spanish colonial architecture to Mayan ruins
  • Some of the most unique and delicious cuisine in the world
  • Stunning Colonial Towns - San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Puebla, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Campeche, Merida - the list of towns with incredible Spanish architecture is infinite. Each one prettier than the next, but all with their own unique character and story to tell.
  • The best beaches in the world - Cancun and Acapulco may be the best known tourist spots, but you'll find plenty of other beautiful resorts along both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.
  • Ancient ruins  - While countries a little further south like Peru are most known for their remnants of ancient cultures, Mexico features pyramids and temples from both the Aztecs and the Mayans. From Teotihuacan near Mexico City to the world renown Chichén Itzá.
  • Mexico City - a modern, cosmopolitan megalopolis - With a population that rivals Tokyo, Mexico City is a fascinating city. From the ritzy avenues of Polanco to the cobbled streets of old downtown and the art galleries of La Roma, this former lake bed high in the mountains was once the Aztec capital and today serves as a fascinating centre of Latin American culture.
  • Mexican cuisine - Forget the enchiladas you might have tried at home, there is nothing like the spice of street tacos and the fresh ceviche served all over Mexico’s cities and villages.
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