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An update from Evaneos

Corsica today

The accident on the GR20 shows that mountains have rules that must be respected, but also that the rescue services that were required were up to the job. So, yes to holidays in Corsica but pay attention to the weather!

Drama and efficiency

In June 2015, Corsica was mourning a drama that took place on the GR20. This accident, one of the most serious ever in Corsica, reminded us that mountains should be approached with the greatest respect, even if you are an experienced climber.

This catastrophe reminded us how humble we must be in the face of nature. You don't go off into the mountains as if you were taking an afternoon stroll. The weather can change very quickly and you should check it before leaving. Nowadays, with all our technology, it's easy to do. The guardians of the gites are also professionals who know their region and you shouldn't hesitate to ask their advice. It's pointless wanting to do the next stage whatever the cost. You have to do it in the right conditions. The stage on which the drama took place is one of the most technical of the GR20, at the Cirque de la Solitude (Circus of Solitude) which is well named.

Despite the weather, huge efforts were made to help the people in trouble. Today Corsica has demonstrated its efficient, speedy rescue skills.

A major process was rapidly declenched. It is reassuring to see that in case of problems Corsica knows how to react promptly.

A Corsican village, clinging to the mountain

Will there by consequences for tourism?

It is hoped that this will not prevent tourists from coming to Corsica. Nowadays, the cliched ideas of a Corsica "under attack" are gradually disappearing. The nationalists are not as strong as they were.

Corsica needs tourists to survive, and local craftspeople, producers and business men encourage "strangers" to come to their island. Lots of activities are organised, and there are numerous tourist offices who write brochures encouraging tourists to try different activities They listen to what the tourists tell them and work really hard to satisfy their clients. The festivals are getting bigger and there is lots of Corsican music at them.

Whilst preserving its identity, modern Corsica encourages exchange and respects its tourists, which means everything is there to give you a great stay in Corsica.

Cathy Trichet
45 contributions
Updated 21 March 2016
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