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An update from Evaneos

The budget to plan for a trip to Corsica

A trip to Corsica is like a trip to any island, the prices are higher than those on the mainland. The cost of living in this destination is quite high.

A destination with high prices

You won't have been long on your trip to Corsica before you notice that the prices are higher there than on the mainland.

If you go there with a limited budget you won't be able to stay long, unless you are happy staying in campsites. It's the only way to sleep cheaply. If you are looking for four walls and a night in a proper hotel you won't find anything low priced and will have to go straight to mid-priced, or if you want something very fashionable, very high price.

It's the same thing when you have to eat. If you go shopping you'll notice that prices are higher than at home and it's the same thing in the restaurants, especially at the seaside or in touristy places. It is still possible to find a few places that have cheaper menus.

But in the main be prepared to spend a lot and quickly!

In Corsica

Some prices

First, transport. If you arrive in your own car the ferry journey will cost between £70 and £220, according to the season. If you are travelling alone it will cost between £45 and £70 and between £80 and £300 by plane. To travel around Corsica you will need to rent a car, which will cost around £270 a week.

When it comes to somewhere to stay, if you want to economize then your only choice is to stay at a campsite for about £15. If you prefer a hotel, a night in a double room for two people won't be less than £50. Prices in fashionable hotels take off in high season, going from £155 and upwards.

When it comes to eating in Corsica, choose little kiosks on the beach or small restaurants where you can get a sandwich or a pizza for £6 to £9. In more classic restaurants a full meal will be between £15 and £25, and the best restaurants on the island will charge £40 for a single dish.

David Debrincat
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Updated 21 March 2016
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