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Best places to visit in Brazil

Brazil, with its Carnival, its luxuriant jungle, its hot sand beaches... The quintessential dream country. The welcoming accent of its beautiful mixed-race women, its tropical climate and the colours of its cocktails all conspire to make you leave your troubles behind. Though Brazil is a well-developed country, it has preserved all of its festive and musical culture. 

It is a vast country; it would be best to focus on Amazonia and the North-East or even the big cities and beaches of the South, if you don't want to end up spending your holidays on a plane. Lucky for you, we have the solution: Evaneos Travel experts are here to share their great deals and secrets with you. Follow the guide!

A bubbling southern supercity, São Paulois the economic heart of the country. For rest and relaxation, it would be better to go to Rio de Janeiro, where a week will not suffice to enjoy sugarloaf, the Corcovado, Santa Teresa neighbourhood and the mythical beaches of Copacana and Ipanema. Similarly, Ilha Grande is chock-full of idyllic beaches where you can go diving.

Whereas the culture in other South American countries is Andean, Brazil distinguishes itself by being more Caribbean, and Portuguese is the spoken language. Still on the coast, Salvador is the ideal destination to fully enjoy the carnival atmopshere. It's a good compromise for those who desire greater authenticity without having to go as far Amazonia. Otherwise, set course for the North, around Belem, still on the coast; and to Manaus, in the heart of Amazonia. Here, you will rub shoulders with a different Brazil: more primitive, less Westernised.

Take advantage of your trip to Brazil to see the Foz do Iguaçu waterfalls or the wetlands of Pantanal, inland.

Julie Olagnol
Canoa Quebrada (literally "broken canoe"), one of northern Brazil's best known beaches, attracts both local tourists and visitors from the world over with its steep cliffs plunging down to the sea!
A mountain on which you'll find one the world's best known statues and an iconic work of art in the 'Cidade Maravilhosa' of Rio de Janeiro. This is the home of 'Christ the Redeemer'.
The Iguazu Falls are the natural jewel of Foz. It's a place which is both memorable and impressive for adventurers and families alike.
At 210 km from Fortaleza, on the road to Jericoacoara, Guajiru beach is still little known to travellers. This fishing village of 800 inhabitants is the ideal place to relax away from the tourist beaches in the north-east of Brazil.
"The Beautiful Island" does not belie its name. Away from Sao Paolo, Ilhabela is one of the main tourist spots for the inhabitants of the largest metropolis in South America.
Pipa is a coastal resort one hour by road from Natal and an ideal place for surfing, kitesurfing, or simply taking it easy and relaxing.
Situated about an hour by road from Salvador, Praia do Forte is an easily reached beach resort that has everything you need for a fun family vacation.
Recife is one of the most dynamic cities in the Northeast. It has an attractive center, and this is somewhere you can quickly visit before heading to the coast.
In the heart of Brazil's Amazon, the Tapajós National Forest is a primary rainforest, home to a diverse ecosystem.
A city located in the Amazon region along the Amazon River.
Visit the old village of Tatajuba, overtaken by dunes, when you go out on buggy tour from Jericoacoara. Dunes, mangrove and lagoon - magical!
The biggest city in the Amazon, located on the river.
São Paulo, the economic lungs of Brazil, also has some pleasant surprises in store for tourists. Food lovers, visitors interested in culture and architecture will be seduced by this 'Pauliste' city.
The sixth largest city of Brazil has an excellent reputation. Despite often being avoided by tourists who prefer the colonial cities in the State, the capital of Minas Gerais doesn't lack interest.
Rococo art lovers will be enthralled by the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, registered on UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1985. If you are visiting Minas Gerais state, you have to see the Twelve Prophets.
The greenest and best organized city in Brazil!
An island village off the shores of Salvador de Bahia, where relaxing and partying go hand in hand. 
Historic city of Minas Gerais, Sao Joao del Rei, nicknamed the “town where the bells speak”, has more than 70 churches. The largest of the colonial cities is a forgotten passage when visiting Minas Gerais.
Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Sao Luis is a city in the north of Brazil, on the waterfront and is located on the peninsula sharing the same name which will charm travellers seeking colonial architecture.
Located not far from Santarem, Alter do Chão is a small, riverside town that simply invites rest and relaxation.
Located on the North coast of Ilha Grande, the Green Lagoon on the island's most popular destinations. Its tourist name (as opposed to its geographical name: Ilha da Longa) describes the colour of the water of this beach.
Natal is a large coastal city on the North Eastern edge of Brazil
Though Angra dos Reis was once a large port, today it's an essential place to visit in order to reach the islands that lie all around it.
Fortaleza is an essential stopover for a stay in Brazil if you want to travel to the north of the country.
The capital of Mato Grosso do Sul and entry point for tourists heading to the Pantanal.
Cuiabà, which is also known as "the green city", is one of the hottest in Brazil. It's a gateway to the Amazon and for the Pantanal, this city of 500,000 inhabitants is full of tropical vegetation.
Even more isolated than Manaus, Tabatinga is the most famous port for all departures in the depths of the Amazon.
A port town in the state of Bahia and point of access to the magnificent Tinharé Archipelago.
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