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Vietnam family holidays

Vietnam family holidays

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Family tour ideas in Vietnam

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Is Vietnam the right destination for you?

Someone talks about Vietnam and you automatically think of spring rolls, pointed hats or shoulder yokes, those large sections of bamboo and their two suspended woven baskets. Our collective imagination has been flooded with these images... But do they correspond to the current reality of Vietnam? Even if they are not all representative of life in the cities, they still subsist in the countryside... However, Vietnam cannot be summarized by these f... Someone talks about Vietnam and you automatically think of spring rolls, pointed hats or shoulder yokes, those large sections of bamboo and their two suspended woven baskets. Our collective imagination has been flooded with these images... But do they correspond to the current reality of Vietnam? Even if they are not all representative of life in the cities, they still subsist in the countryside... However, Vietnam cannot be summarized by these few clichés. Its people have come far with a particularly turbulent 21st century. The country is now decidedly turned towards the future: Vietnam changes and evolves. The former children of the “boat-people” are returning to Saigon to fulfil their dreams and seek success. Hanoi has opened superb art galleries... For many, Vietnam consists of mountains and plateaus, Vietnam is marked by two major waterways, the Red River to the north, and the mother of all rivers, the Mekong to the south. Between equatorial plains, temperate plateaus and high summits, you will be awestruck by the tender green rice paddies, the canyons of Red River and the superb Mekong Delta.... And if beyond its people and nature you still need a reason to visit Vietnam, let’s mention gastronomy! Vietnamese cooking is one of the most renowned worldwide, light and refined by the same token: spring rolls of course, but also Pho, Cha cà, Oc nhoi and other delicious meals... See more
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Start planning your family tour in Vietnam

Vietnam is the home to so many interesting experiences that it can be a hugely rewarding family destination, especially for younger children, who are bound to be blown away by the unique atmosphere and surroundings here. Visit the city of Hanoi, where you can get around in a tuk tuk, which is sure to be a ride you’ll never forget. Here you can visit local markets, try endless and delicious local recipes and even go to see a performance of the traditional water puppets, which never fail to entertain young children and adults alike. Many activities in our customisable Vietnam tours are also designed to give your family a sense of Vietnamese history and culture, from a fun perspective. For a beach stop-off, visit Danang to avoid the party scene and enjoy family meals on the beach every evening in a beautiful setting. Hoi An is another unmissable destination, with colourful lanterns hanging all around the town which make it a real feast for the eyes. On top of all this, Vietnam is incredibly cheap compared to some other destinations, making it great value for money and meaning that you can afford to splash out on some incredible activities that the whole family can remember for years to come.

Best things to see and do in Vietnam with kids

In Vietnam, families are truly welcomed and so it is one of the best destinations for families to discover new cultures, since you will be immersed so easily and willingly by the locals that you meet along the way. Local people are incredibly welcoming and will smile and greet families whenever they see them. For this reason, a local homestay is an amazing experience for families and you and your children will be able to get a valuable insight into the way in which other people and cultures live their everyday lives. Stay with a family in Sapa where you can feel as though you are surrounded by nature and help local families prepare the rice that is grown in this region and is the livelihood of many here. Once you have got a feel for Vietnamese culture, its time to start the adventure; Ninh Binh is home to incredible river cave systems and a boat ride through these huge natural tunnels will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. If you like the sound of this, then Phong Nha-ke Bang is also a great option, with a mud cave expedition involving kayaking, swimming and finally, covering yourself in the thick mud that can be found here; every child’s dream. Hoi An’s beautiful colourful streets are an amazing place to buy gifts for friends and family back home before enjoying delicious food or going on on traditional basket boat ride to catch crabs. As well as being one of the best places for beach holidays, Vietnam also has so many activities to offer kids, whether you’re kayaking in Halong Bay, visiting local farms, learning how to cook fresh local food as a family (children from 7 years old and upwards are welcome in cooking classes!), or making traditional kites and lanterns by hand; children always have something unforgettable to take home with them. Skills, treasures or memories will make Vietnam your children’s new favourite place! Learn to fish in a traditional basket boat and see the local children riding on the backs of buffalo as you float downstream and take in fascinating aspects of rural Vietnamese culture.

For families interested in history, Vietnam has a fascinating (and turbulent) past with civil war and the Vietnam war with America featuring in many museum exhibitions. Visit the Chu Chi tunnels to see the intricate underground trenches built by the Vietnamese soldiers. These tunnels are small and so are often the perfect size for children, with parents finding the low ceilings more challenging. These tunnels really bring home the extremity of war and are a fascinating and educational visit. If you need a few days of beach relaxation after all that adventure, then travel south of Danang to one of the cleanest and most family-friendly beaches in Southeast Asia, China Beach, where you can all enjoy the sun and sea in this seaside paradise before returning home to reality. 

Best time to visit Vietnam as a family

Since Vietnam is a very long country it is hit by two separate monsoons, each hitting a different part of the country at different times. The Southern monsoon season begins in May and runs through to September and the Northern monsoon falls between October and April. This means that no matter when you go, you’ll be able to visit a part of the country that is dry. Even at their worst, however, the downpours rarely last for longer than an hour or two in the afternoon and it can be nice to enjoy some downtime as a family during this time. Since the weather patterns here are so variable from place to place, the lost popular times to travel are often dictated by holiday periods, with the months of June, July and August being the busiest. If you wish to travel during this period, expect to find prices slightly elevated and larger crowds at major attractions.

Family holiday tips for travelling to Vietnam

With a little research and knowledge you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your family trip to Vietnam, here a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your holiday.

  • For those who don’t like spicy food, remember to specify this as you are ordering. Much of the food here can be spicy for unaccustomed taste buds and spicing up dishes is the norm.
  • Try to avoid the mistake of trying to squeeze too many activities into a shorter space of time. Take your time and appreciate this wonderful country by planning a few extra days to relax, even if this means cutting down on some activities. You’ll thank us in the end.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas where pickpockets are rife. Keep cash and any important documents in a safe a hidden place.
  • As with any visit to a foreign country, check with your GP before leaving whether there are any vaccinations or medicines that you need to get. Bring along plenty of mosquito spray too, to avoid the annoyance of itchy bug bites throughout your trip.
  • Make the most of the cheap prices here to sign up to some unforgettable family activities.
  • Young children, especially those with blonde hair and blue eyes, will feel like little celebrities, with locals even asking to hold younger children. This is meant in good will and is completely normal in Vietnamese culture but if it bothers you, you can simply politely say no.
  • Try to avoid the tap water where possible, since this can lead to stomach bugs which can quickly ruin the perfect family holiday.
  • Learn a few key phrases. Learning some choice words and phrases can be extremely handy should you find yourself in a situation where no one speaks English. Learning a new language can also be a great new challenger for your children. If nothing else, it always goes down well to greet locals in their own language.
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