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Mui Ne

Mui Ne (Vietnam)

Practical information about Mui Ne

  • Family
  • Relaxation
  • Beach / Seaside Resort
  • Port
  • Desert
  • River
  • Water Sports
4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
5-6 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh
When to go
From November to July
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Mui Ne

Romain Beuvart Travel writer
89 travel articles

Mui Né is a fishing village and small seaside town. The scenery is very varied but the sand dunes give it an air of being in the desert. When I was in Vietnam, it was love at first sight for me.

My suggestion:
Make sure you see the sunset over Mui Né's port, you won't be sorry!
Mui Né is unique in Vietnam, and a place that everyone has to include on their Vietnamese itinerary. You go from the seaside and all its normal activities (especially windsurfing, because these coasts are very windswept) to a quasi-desert interior. MuiNé is famous for its sand dunes, one of them white and the other red ochre.

Two dunes with two different atmospheres. I went off to explore them by motorbike. I loved the contrast between the wonderful colours of the earth - red, green, brown and white (although it was a shame there were so many plastic bags along the roadside) - and the deep blue sea.

Mui Né's other attraction is a bare foot walk along the unusual scenery of the "fairy stream", a small stream that is edged by luxurious vegetation and strange rocky formations. Then you have the impressive flotilla of boats moored in Mui Né harbour, a port opposite the market which I recommend visiting in the morning.
Mui Né's white sand dune
Claire Guerin Travel writer
38 travel articles

Mui Ne is a seaside town in the south of Vietnam where there is the beach, the dunes...and a lot of doing nothing!

My suggestion:
If you are avoiding tourists don't go to Mui Ne!

If you like relaxing, lounging on the beach, or getting a massage, then this place is for you. Mui Ne is a fishing village and I had some good seafood barbecues, which I'm sure you would enjoy too. You'll find them on the sea shore and it's a good opportunity to talk to the locals! But I wasn't completely in love with Mui Ne because it has been polluted by tourism. There are too many people asking you for things all the time!

There are lots of water sports available at Mui Ne, like kite surfing or wind surfing.

I rented a motorbike and did the usual tourist circuit: visit the red dunes, the white dunes and the fairy canyon. Without question the white dune are the best. The site is smaller, near the lake and not yet under attack from the tourists.

The walk through the fairy canyon is short but nice. I loved the colours of the countryside!

The fairy canyon at Mui Ne
Caroline Guibert Travel writer
22 travel articles

Coastal town in the south of Vietnam, a lovely getaway from Ho Chi Minh.

My suggestion:
Lovers of fish and seafood, you will be replete!

The town of Mui Ne has one main street, you cannot get lost. I had a pleasant stay, mainly due to great encounters.

What I liked most: a 4x4 ride over the sand dunes. I spent a memorable half-day with an adorable Vietnamese couple. The area is not vast, but it is very exotic. The tour combines with different types canyons with a river running through them. I appreciated being able to walk in the water in this different scenery and left to my own devices.

The beach at Mui Ne holds no great interest. It is partly concreted and tiny; I have seen far better during my stay in Vietnam. By contrast, the restaurants all along the street are really friendly and very good. The view, the fresh air, the relaxed atmosphere of Mui Ne are a must for lovers of fish and seafood.

View of the canyons
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