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Nagarkot (Nepal)

Practical information about Nagarkot

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  • Off the beaten track
3 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
One hour from Kathmandu by bus
When to go
From September to May
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Nagarkot

David Debrincat Travel writer
459 travel articles

Located just 33 km from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is the closest village to the capital from where it's possible to see Everest.

My suggestion:
The 8,848 metre high roof of the world can be very difficult to see. The best times of day to see Everest are the morning and the afternoon, at which times there is a slight chance the mountain will be visible to you.

As with my visit to Gorkha, I went to Nagarkot because of its close proximity to the Himalayas and for the opportunity to see the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest. This 8,848 metre high giant is used as a symbol for tourism in Nepal. Only a handful of seasoned mountain climbers can even consider attempting the ascent. For the ordinary mortals amongst us, simply seeing it is an immensely rewarding experience. Nagarkot is a pretty mountain village and serves as a nice base from which to head out on any of the numerous hikes that exist here. The choice of walks to do is practically unlimited, and each has its own particular collection of wonderful views to offer.

I had an absolutely delightful time walking in the countryside of the surrounding area and admiring the Himalayas, even if I didn't actually get to experience the joy of seeing Everest. I do recommend coming here to try your luck yourself. Though Lady Everest didn't choose to reveal herself to me, I've still been left with wonderful memories of my time in Nagarkot anyway.

*Following the powerful earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May of 2015, the country is gradually being rebuilt. This article was written before that natural disaster occurred.

The Himalayas viewed from Nagarkot
Marie Cavalié Travel writer
27 travel articles

Behind the clouds in Nepal, there is a little village hidden in the Himalayas called Nagarkot Each morning holds in store a variety of landscapes revealed by the sunrise. It is sublime, colourful... And in the distance, when the sky is clear, you can see Mount Everest wearing it's eternal coat of snow and ice.

My suggestion:
Enjoy yourself and try out the local cuisine, from momos (it's like butch ravioli) and omelettes using cheese made from yak's milk. There's a feast to be had!

Our trip to Nepal started on a difficult-to-navigate, bumpy, pot-holed road. After a seemingly endless procession of bends in the road, in a dismal state (altitude sickness is awful), we finally arrived in Nagarkot. It's a small village, very discreet, with prayer flags hanging here and there... the suffering we endured on the bus was just so worth it.

After a 3-week slog on a bus going left, right and centre, we wanted to take a week to stop and breathe in life in Nepal. We wanted to rest, and sink into the local culture. We got up at 5am every morning to drink in the beautiful sunrise. What you see is an environment that is never still, where even sometimes, because of the misty clouds, the line of the horizon would blur and the land and the sky melt into one another, all of which is revealed as the sun comes up. And then, from time to time, the sun would pierce the clouds, slashing and draping the view with uncountable shades of pink, orange and blue. Enchanting, fleeting moments in the Himalayas.

This week-long holiday also gave us the opportunity to meet the locals and build new friendships. Here, you are welcomed with open, smiling faces. Oh, and if a villager invites you back to their home, leap at the chance, you won't be disappointed! You will meet their family, drink traditional tea and eat sweetcorn. As for communication, you'll all get by using approximative sign language, a lot like a good game of charades!

*Nepal after the powerful earthquakes that shook the country in April and May 2015. The country is slowly coming back to its feet. This article was written before the disaster struck.

The sunrise over Nagarkot
Emeline Mainy Travel writer
13 travel articles

Nagarkot is a little village some thirty kilometres from Kathmandu, perched on the top of a mountain and offering, if you are lucky, a breathtaking view over the surrounding countryside.

My suggestion:
Do not miss this stage of your route through Nepal, especially if you are only staying in the Kathmandu region. This is in fact an opportunity to go and discover in the fresh air some incredible view points over the Himalayas.
I left Kathmandu by motorbike to reach Nagarkot, the destination that is loved so much by the Nepalese of the valley. The journey itself is an adventure: although it is close to the capital in terms of kilometres, it is a long trip (between 2 and 3 hours by motorbike) because after going straight along the motorway, during which time your visor becomes covered in dust, the road begins to wind along the mountainsides in a steep ascent and the magnificent panoramas unfold before your astonished gaze.
We cross rivers first, then pine forests before finding "civilisation" again, or rather a lonely village with several hotels offering spectacular views over the valley.
There is no need to stay several days in the village itself, because it is mainly interesting for its viewpoints, especially at dawn or sunset when the sun melts into the horizon, between two mountain peaks, and its golden rays paint the sky with a range of incredible colours.
The view over Nagarkot
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