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An update from Evaneos

Exploring the GR20

The GR20 is a major trek, marked in red and white, which goes from Calnzana to Conca in stages. It could be your next sporting holiday in Corsica!

A little history about the creation of the GR20

Right from the outset, the GR20 was designed to focus on the transhumance paths and the mountain paths that connected the mountain villages. It helped to boost the mountain economy and avoid it becoming deserted.

It is managed by the regional park, which was created in 1972, but it was a mountaineer who loves Corsica who drew up the first part of this hiking path. It didn't have any accommodation, just a few refuges where you could sleep. So in order to cross Corsica on the GR20 independently, you had to be able to carry a heavy backpack. You could get supplies in the villages and occasionally had to descend into the valley.

Scenery on the GR20

The GR20 today

Today the GR20 is a victim of its own success. In summer it is covered with walkers. And in winter you can do it on skis, known as the Alta Strada. The whole path is well organised, with places to stay at each stage. You can get supplies the whole length of the path. The big advantage is that you only need a backpack containing essentials, which makes it a much lighter walk. The disadvantage is that everyone seems able to do it. However, you should be careful. The GR20 is a very physical walk with some technical sections. If you are going to take a trek this long, in the mountains, during your next trip to Corsica, then you need to prepare yourself. You could be walking under a baking sun and then find yourself in fog, or even rain, when you arrive at the summit! Without forgetting that the next day you have to set off again for another stage that's several hours long. Don't overestimate your strength. If the professionals have decided on different stages, it's for a reason. And finally, there's no shame in stopping if you don't think you can go on any longer. In fact, it shows intelligence, and you are likely to avoid any accidents.

If you want to really enjoy the unforgettable scenery then it's better to walk the GR20 outside the summer months, for several reasons.

You will have more peace and in the evening it will be easier to rest. You'll see the animals more easily because they aren't being disturbed all day long and you will enjoy the calm.

Prepare yourself well and it will be one of the best walks of your life, that you will enjoy every day!

Mountain walking requires a certain attitude that acknowledges and respects all those who live and work there, which you shouldn't forget.

Cathy Trichet
45 contributions
Updated 6 March 2018
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