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An update from Evaneos

Your budget for a trip to Nepal

Over the last few years, prices in Nepal have begun to soar. Nevertheless, a trip to Nepall won't break the bank. It's still a very inexpensive destination.

An inexpensive trip

Nepal is a pour country where daily life is very cheap. Landlocked between two giants, China and India, Nepal is a country where prices remain very low.

Thus when looking for somewhere to stay during your trip to Nepal you'll find a huge choice of rooms with varying levels of comfort. Whether you're almost penniless or have the funds to treat yourself to a luxury place at an affordable price, you will always end up finding something to suit you.

It's the same when you go looking for somewhere to eat. Even in the best, most chic restaurants, you will be able to eat relatively cheaply. Prices soar though when you go to restaurants for expats and foreigners.

Public transport fares are incredibly cheap. On buses and in taxis, even though they're not very comfortable, prices are ridiculously low. In order not to lose endless time travelling, look into flights too. Going by plane isn't the most economical way to travel but it's the fastest and most comfortable.

The biggest expense involved is going on treks , for which the prices of permits can be unduly high.

Transport is very cheap

A few prices

If a lack of comfort and hygiene isn't a problem for you, you'll find double rooms for just 265NPR (£2.50). Average rooms are priced at between 1000 et 2125NPR (£9 - £18). If you want to make the most of your stay by treating yourself to a really luxury place, you still won't spend more than 7500NPR (£60).

In restaurants, prices don't really vary very much. You can have a complete meal in a local restaurant for just 106NPR (£1). A main course in the most chic restaurant might cost about 530NPR (5€), making it an inexpensive treat.

It's similar for public transport, where a taxi ride in the capital can be had for around 100NPR (less than £1). It's even cheaper if you go by bus. The fastest and most comfortable way to travel is to fly. A ticket from Katmandu to Pokhara works out at about 7500NPR (£60).

What will cost you the most are trekking permits. Depending on which you choose, they'll cost between 750NPR (£6) a week and 4070NPR (£30) a day. To go to climb l'Everest you'll have to spend the handsome sum of more than 2 000 000NPR (about £15,000).

NB. After the two powerful earthquakes that struck Nepal in April and May 2015, the country is slowly getting back on its feet. This article was written before the disaster.

David Debrincat
459 contributions
Updated 29 September 2015
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