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Corrigin (Australia)

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3 / 5 - One review
How to get there
2 hours and 40 minutes by car from Perth
When to go
Between March and October
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Corrigin

Lisa Gaillard Travel writer
49 travel articles

A rural town of less than 1000 inhabitants, located in the "wheat belt" of Western Australia, Corrigin lives on sheep breeding and grain farming.

My suggestion:
Visit the dog cemetery and the pioneer museum. Drive the road to Kulin to see the tin horses and other creations. Watch the sun go down over Lake Grace and don't miss the beautiful Wave Rock.

A two-and-a-half-hour drive from Perth takes you right to the middle of the rural desert in the Australian bush. In Corrigin you will discover the real life of the outback: red dirt, eucalyptus trees and breathtaking sunsets! You may come across spiders, snakes, parrots and echidnas on your way. In short, a guaranteed exotic trip. Even if the town is not very large, you'll find everything you need there: shops, accommodation, internet centre and even a swimming pool for a refreshing dip. The flies are unbearable in the region, so a head net is almost essential. In Corrigin, they like their dogs - not only are they man's best friend but they're also a great help to farmers. Corrigin pays them tribute with its dog cemetery. You can read their epitaphs on the 80 tombs. Another peculiarity of the city: above the service station there is a car with a dog at the wheel, which commemorates the fact that Corrigin holds the record for the most Dogs in a Ute (dogs in a pick-up): an annual charity event, to collect money for the flying doctors.

Off the beaten track, Corrigin is a place where you will certainly meet the locals, far away from the tourists! I did not go there to visit (it would never have crossed my mind), but to work on a tree farm for a few months (in Kulin more exactly, a village located about an hour's drive from Corrigin). The villages of the region all look alike: single-storey houses, pubs and shops, like a set for a western. In this region of Australia you learn about community life: everyone knows everyone else. You can meet the true Australians of the bush. The girls play netball or lacrosse and the boys play footie, etc. You can often watch matches between the towns of the region.

The saleswoman of the grocery store in Kulin kindly lent me her car to visit the surroundings. In fact, there are some fine and interesting sites to discover, if you are not afraid of driving for miles or the state of the road. I travelled over 60 km down a dirt track with no signposts or sign of life. No telephone coverage either - so you'd best not break down. The region is relatively flat, with the occasional granite rock that you can climb to admire the panoramas that reach as far as the eye can see. Among them, Corrigin Rock, and also Jilakin Rock, which I climbed at sunset and which offers a view of Lake Jilakin. The best known and most impressive is the famous Wave Rock: a rock 115 metres long and 15 metres high which looks like a wave that is about to break. Its form is the result of erosion. And don't miss Lake Grace, an immense salty, dry lake which changes colour at different hours of the day. Finally, drive along The Tin Horse Highway between Kulin and Corrigin; you can have fun looking at the horses and other odd creations made of tin that were set up along the road to celebrate the Bush Races (horse racing) .

Corrigin Dog Cemetery
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