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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
A nine hour bus ride from Delhi
When to go
From November to May
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Pushkar

Simon Hoffmann Travel writer
193 travel articles

Pushkar is a holy city in Rajasthan, just a few miles from Ajmer, and is one of the few Indian cities to celebrate the Hindu god Brahma.

My suggestion:
Every year, around October or November time, Pushkar hosts a huge camel fair.If you’re in the area at that time, don’t miss it, you’ll bring back some unforgettable memories!

I went to Pushkar in search of a camel driver who would be willing to take me to explore the desert of Rajasthan by camel. The city was supposed to be a stopover, but I wound up staying there for nearly a week. In the center of Pushkar there is a lovely holy lake which is reached by numerous ghats, (steps) and which is surrounded by houses. The walk around the lake is great, but watch out for the phony holy men who will try to extract cash in exchange for prayers. I would advise you refuse politely and continue on your way.

Because Pushkar is a holy city, it has many religious buildings which are worth seeing, particularly the temple dedicated to Brahma, one of the few in India. To the north of the city is a little mountain with a small temple on its summit. I would advise you to climb up to see it, the view of Pushkar and the surrounding area is amazing. A great place to visit during your stay in India.

Nina Montagné Travel writer
153 travel articles

Pushkar, a pretty little sacred city in Rajasthan at the edge of a lake.

My suggestion:
If you want to learn how to make jewelry, classes and workshops take place throughout the year in Pushkar, at ridiculously low prices.

Pushkar, a former meeting place for northern India's hippies, has gradually transformed into a tourist city, but nonetheless it has remained tranquil. It's also a scared place for religious Hindu pilgrimage, and alcohol is prohibited.

I have memories of a soothing place, of long morning walks all around the lake at sunrise to see the pilgrims do their ablutions in the water.

Pushkar is also the place where the famous camel fair is held once a year, known all around India. If you get the chance to go there at that time during your trip to India, you won't regret it!

David Debrincat Travel writer
459 travel articles

Half way between Jaipur and Jodhpur, Pushkar is a small and incredibly peaceful city... for India.

My suggestion:
Every year at full moon in November, the big dromedary fair is held. Don't miss it!

This is Pushkar, a unique city and worth a visit on a trip to India. The city is on a human scale. There are almost no vehicles and no noise from car horns. Do watch out when you're walking because the cows wander in the streets! Too late for me...

I loved the peaceful feel, but I still met plenty of tourists. It's the go-to place for hippies traveling in Rajahstan. They come in all ages. Young, idealistic ones and old, nostalgic ones.

To get a good view of Pushkar, you need to get to the heights. Not spiritual. 580 steps (on a very steep climb) which lead to the Savitri Temple. You get a 360° view from up there over the fields and Pushkar huddled around its pretty lake. When you come down, head for the ghats. The activity there is not frantic, it's much like the rest of the city. Calm, serene, and peaceful. That's why people come to Pushkar, after all.

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