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An update from Evaneos

The situation in Australia today

A member of the Commonwealth, Australia is a huge country and a continent on the other side of the world. Being distant from everything, including economic crises, the country still seems to have a prosperous economy, although its reliance on commodities is causing something of a slow-down.


Some people forget, when travelling to Australia, that the country is a constitutional monarchy reigned over by our very own Queen Elizabeth II. However, this title is largely symbolic with the real head of state being the Governor-General. This is because Australia is part of the British Commonwealth. Today, the government is made up of elected representatives in two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The current Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull. Australia has a two-party system and the members argue over government posts. The two parties are the Australian Labor Party and the Coalition.

View over Sydney

The Economy

In spite of a bit of a slow-down noticed over recent years, the Australian economy remains stable and reasonably healthy with an unemployment rate at just under 6%. Australia owes its prosperity to sectors such as mining. The subsoil is rich in coal, iron and uranium. Along with agriculture, the mining sector represents 10% of GDP and the country is among the world's biggest exporters of wheat, sugar, barley, wool, iron and coal. The services and financial sectors also contribute greatly to Australia's wealth. Now 75% of Australians work in the services sector and contribute a massive 65% of GDP.


The tourist sector also plays a vital role. The country has used its wealth to develop its tourist infrastructure to a very high standard. These days, the destination is one of the most popular and most visited on the planet. More and more people every year are organising trips to Australia. In spite of the huge distances, visitors aren't put off and they come here to enjoy the many wonders that this huge country has to offer. Another good point, Australia knows how to welcome visitors and has a top rating with tourists compared to other countries.

David Debrincat
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Updated 19 November 2015
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