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Culture and Discovery

How can you get around in Morocco?

It's quite easy to get around Morocco in the North, with several trains and coaches. However, in the South, it's more complicated and the roads are sometimes in a bad sta...
Nina Montagné4 December 2015

Adventure in Morocco

A great variety of scenery, exceptional wildlife and plant life in accordance with environmental biodiversity, Morocco is a nature reserve in itself.
Rodolphe Ragu4 December 2015

Honeymoon in Morocco

Morocco can be an especially romantic destination for a honeymoon. The cities of Fez, Essaouira and Chefchaouen, not to mention the magnificent Draa Valley and Dadès Vall...
Nina Montagné23 March 2018

Colonisation and violence: Morocco's turbulent history

Morocco only achieved independence in 1956, after having been under a French protectorate. The country afterwards experienced a period of tension with Algeria, and strugg...
Tiphaine Leblanc21 March 2016

Travelling around Morocco despite a disability

Morocco is an exotic destination which appeals to all the senses. Don't believe that it's impossible to travel there due to a disability. On the contrary, the warm welcom...
Emilie Couillard4 December 2015

Religion in Morocco

Morocco is a Muslim country where religion plays a central role. It is of the utmost importance to respect Islamic traditions and customs during a stay over there....
Nina Montagné4 December 2015

Incredible Moroccan gastronomy

Moroccan cooking reflects its varied geography. It has many different sorts, all equally delicious.
Nina Montagné23 March 2018

Superb Moroccan handicrafts

Moroccan handicrafts are full of variety. From north to south you will find things you like for yourself and souvenirs for your friends.
Nina Montagné4 December 2015

What to see and read before a trip to Morocco

Morocco boasts many artists. Cinematographers, painters, novelists, musicians or poets, don't hesitate to do some research before leaving so you can discover this fascina...
Nina Montagné6 January 2016

Celebrities and well-known people in Morocco

From the King, to comedians passing through actors and musicians, Morocco is brimming with multiple celebrities. It's quite common to see them during numerous summer fest...
Nina Montagné4 December 2015
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