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The most important information when travelling in Mexico

It's time to Bamba! But before doing so, here's some useful information to note down.

When to go

The best time to go to Mexico is during the dry season from October to April.

Entry requirements

UK citizens do not need a visa. You just need a current passport that is valid for the entirety of your stay. Keep your FMM on you; you'll also need it to leave the country. With it, you can spend up to 180 days on Mexican soil. Other nationalities need to check out the regulations.

Health advice

Vaccinations are not obligatory But vaccines against Typhoid and Hepatitis A are recommended. It may also be wise to have a Rabies shot.

Airline tickets

Prices for return tickets vary according to the time of travel and the airline you use. From the UK you can pick up deals starting from £300.

Time difference

Mexico has 3 time zones. London (GMT) is +6hrs ahead of Mexico City. So if it's midday in London, it's 6am in Mexico City.


Spanish is the official language. English is taught in most Mexican schools, but take your dictionary nonetheless! And try to learn a few basic phrases before you start your Mexican journey.

Relevant contacts

Mexican Embassy in the UK

16 St. George Street

London W1S 1FD

Tel: 0207 499 8586


British Embassy in Mexico

Rio Lerma, No.71 Col. Cuauhtémoc,

CP. 06500

Mexico DF Mexico

Tel: +52 55 1670 3200


Phone and internet connection

International dialling code: +52

Internet access is available everywhere. WiFi is found in hotels, restaurants, bars or the innumerable internet cafes.


Voltage is 110v. So you'll need an adaptor.

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