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GuatemalaGuatemala's Archaeological Sites

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Tour itinerary includes
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  • Local cuisine
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Customisable trip itinerary

This tour idea is fully customisable

The itinerary has been created by our local agency with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every element can be adapted to your needs and interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Day 1: Arrival Guatemala City

Our driver will meet you at Guatemala City Airport and will take you to your hotel. 

Meals: None.

Guatemala City
Radisson (Guatemala)

Day 2: Discover the pre-Columbian site of Kaminal Juyú and Mixco Viejo

After breakfast you will be meet by your guide to visit Kaminal Juyu. It is a Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization that was primarily occupied from 1500 BC to AD 1200. It has been described by the archaeologist Michael Coe, as one of the greatest of all archaeological sites in the New World although its remains today – a few mounds only – are far less impressive than other Maya sites more frequented by tourists.

Then you will visit Mixco Viejo, the archaeological site is also known with the name Jilotepeque Viejo, and situated northeast of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The Mayan Pokomam is one of the oldest ethnics groups in the country. Some scholars situate this people behind Kaminal Juyú culture, which have earliest demonstration of civilization since 1500 BC. Mixco Viejo was constructed at the beginning of XII century by the culture Pokomam with the style that characterizes the cities of this convulsion period of Mesoamerica: fortified cities; but in this particular case Mixco Viejo, is surrounded by deep ravines that worked as defenses against the enemies. The city was defeated by Caqchikel group in 1470 and changed the original name Saqik’ajol Nimakaqapek for Jilotep’ek (Jilotepeque). 

Meals: Breakfast.

Guatemala City, Antigua Guatemala
Posada de Don Rodrigo (Antigua Guatemala)

Day 3: Iximche arcaheological site of Takalik Abaj

In the morning visit Iximche in Tecpán. Iximché was a Maya Cakchiquel city founded in 1463, less than a century before the arrival of the Spaniards, which played a decisive role in the Spanish conquest of this region of Guatemala. In gentle pine forests, you see the traces of this city.

Even today, its four ceremonial plazas with their temples and ball court host worship ceremonies for the gods. Have lunch at some of the local restaurants in Tecpan and continue to Takalik Abaj. 

Meals: Breakfast.

Night at Takalik Maya Lodge (Abaj Takalik)

Day 4: Visit the beautiful Takalik Abaj

On route to Antigua visit Takalik Abaj, It is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in Guatemala. It was formerly known as Abaj Takalik; its ancient name may have been Kooja. It is one of several Mesoamerican sites with both Olmec and Maya features. The site flourished in the Preclassic and Classic periods, from the 9th century BC through to at least the 10th century AD, and was an important centre of commerce, trading with Kaminaljuyu and Chocolá. Then transfer to Antigua Guatemala. 

Meals: Breakfast.

Posada de Don Rodrigo (Antigua Guatemala)

Day 5: Antigua walking tour - half day

After breakfast it is time for our journey to visit ruins, churches and museums.  In this city the stories and legends of the colonial times are still present along with the old paved streets; you will visit La Merced Church, Convent Las Capuchinas, local craft market and Central Park. Free afternoon by your own. 

Meals: Breakfast.

Posada de Don Rodrigo (Antigua Guatemala)

Day 6: Explore the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology

After breakfast you will be met by your driver and guide.

You will head to Guatemala City to visit the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology of Guatemala. It is a Guatemalan organization commissioned with preservation and exhibition of vestiges of archaeological and ethnologic appliances, from the cultural and historical patrimony of Guatemala. 
After the visit to the Museum, unguided transfer to Copan, in Honduras through the east part of the country, through a changing landscape with the mild weather of Antigua and Guatemala City and arriving at dry and warm Chiquimula. You will then head towards El Florido where you will cross the border to enter Honduras and head to your hotel. 

Meals: Breakfast.

Antigua GuatemalaCopán

Day 7: Copan archeological tour half day

After breakfast, you will start your archaeological journey inside The Maya site of Copan, which is probably one of the most important sites of the Mayan civilization.

You will be accompanied by an expert guide who will lead you through the ceremonial center, the ball court, the hieroglyphic stairway and the acropolis where you will be astonished by the revelation of one of Copan’s best kept secret: the discovery of the Rosalila Temple which was hidden for centuries.

Free afternoon by your own. 

Meals: Breakfast.


Day 8: Discover the archaelogical ruins of Quirigua

Today you will have an early breakfast, then you will cross the border coming back to Guatemala to visit the Archaeological site of Quirigua.

The Archaeological Ruins of Quirigua are in the Department of Izabal in Guatemala which preserved the ancient architecture and the seventeen monuments (stelae and altars) carved between 426 AD and 810 AD and made up this great city.

The Great Plaza which is located at the center of the site is the most significant public space in the entire Maya region. The monumental complexes of Quirigua, situated around the Great Plaza, are remarkable for the complexity of their structure.

After the tour you will continue to Flores. 

Meals: Breakfast. 

Copán, QuiriguaFlores
Night at Isla de Flores (Flores)

Day 9: Stunning experience at Maya city of Ceibal

After breakfast you will be meet by your driver and guide for your transfer to Ceibal.

Ceibal is in the southern region of Peten, on the banks of the Passion River, the Maya city of Ceibal is adorned with magnificent stealae. Its fertile soil supports exhuberant tropical vegetation. During this tour you travel on board of a minibus for about one hour from Flores to Sayaxche. You will then continue a boat from Sayaxche to Ceibal on the Passion River for another hour. The walk from the river to the archaeological site´s central plaza is about half an hour in the jungle. Ceibal was unimportant during the Classic period, then grew rapidly thereafter, attaining a population of perhaps 10,000 by AD 900. Much of the growth may have been due to immigration from what is now Chiapas, in Mexico, because the art and culture of Ceibal seems to have changed markedly during this period. The post classic period saw the decline of Ceibal, after which its low ruined temples were quickly covered by thick jungle. 

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

FloresCeibal, Sayaxché
Night at Chimino's Island Lodge (Sayaxché)

Day 10: Amazing Aguateca archaeological site

After breakfast you will be transferred to Aguateca.

The archaeological site of Aguateca is located about 15 Kms (9 miles) from Sayaxché, very close to the Petexbatun creek. At this site, there are no impressive temples or palaces, but you will see magnificent stelae and a geological fault that was used as a natural defense for the city. One of main interests of the journey to the site is the vast diversity of birds typical from the tropical rainforest, found along the river.

After the tour you will be transferred to Tikal National Park. 

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Night at Jungle Lodge (Tikal)

Day 11: Uaxactun Tour and Tikal at Sunset

After breakfast you will be transfer to Uaxactun. It is only 24 km (15 miles) North of Tikal, the Maya city of Uaxactun was one of the most important astronomical centers for the Mayan civilization.
This city is a perfect place for the observation of solstices and equinoxes. The archaeological site is currently located on both sides of the old airstrip within the local community living there.

Then, you will be transferred to Tikal where you will enjoy a guided sunset tour. After the sunset tour, you will get back to the hotel.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Night at Jungle Lodge (Tikal)

Day 12: Tikal guided tour

After breakfast, a representative will be waiting for you at the hotel reception to start your expedition under a unique tropical forest, through the trails and ancient causeways of Tikal. 

You will enjoy a guided tour thorough the paths and main areas of the most important city of the Mayan World. Here you will find that nature and archaeology are wonderfully blended. You will be able to see abundant wildlife, the Mayan forest, millennial temples silent witnesses of the birth and splendor as well as of the collapse of one of the most important civilizations in the planet, all this is in our visit to Tikal, The City of the Voices. 

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Night at Jungle Lodge (Tikal)

Day 13: Head to Yaxhà National Park

Today, your guide and driver will be waiting for you at the hotel reception for your transfer to Topoxte.

It is settled in the largest of four islands: Topoxté, Canté, Paxté and Jacalté, located at the south west of Yaxha lagoon. It records evidence of occupation from Preclassic to Postclassic period, with a group of more than 100 edifications, from which most of them are underground.

Afterwards this visit you will head towards Yaxhá National Park. The series Survivor-The Mayan Empire was filmed in this beautiful Maya city. Yaxhá is in the banks of the Yaxhá Lake; here we will walk through their causeways under an exuberant tropical forest, where howling monkeys flood the atmosphere with their howls to impress the females or to move away an intruding male in their flock. We will climb some temples that are the photographers' accomplices, as they offer wonderful views. We will conclude the day in the high part of the temple 216, the highest structure in the place where we will enjoy an unforgettable evening listening to the birds sing.

After the tour you will be transferred to Flores. 

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch.

TikalYaxhaTopoxte, Flores
Night at Isla de Flores (Flores)

Day 14: El Mirador helicopter tour

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Flores airstrip to begin with an extraordinary helicopter adventure which will transfer you across the beautiful and millenarian Mayan jungle looking for the lost city of El Mirador, a natural wonder nominated as a World Heritage Site.

Our knowledgeable tour guide is going to take you inside a journey through historical past visiting El Tigre complex, Los Monos Group, and The Jaguar’s Claw Temple which exhibits substantial painted masks of around three meters of height by two wides, where the naming of this pyramid, the tiger are taken.

On this building, we will look for a carved panel with the shape of twin brothers, Hunahpu and Ixbalanque, mythic creatures from the holy book of the Mayas, the Popol Vuh. Moreover, to conclude we are going to visit the magnificent pyramid of “La Danta.” After the tour stay at the airport on time to take your flight to Guatemala City.

Upon arrival to Guatemala City, you will be transferred to the hotel. 

Meals: Breakfast and box lunch.

FloresEl Mirador, Guatemala City
Radisson (Guatemala)

Day 15: End of the trip

After breakfast you will be transferred to Guatemala City International Airport on time to catch your flight back home.

End of the trip! 

Meals: None.

Guatemala City

Guatemala CityAntigua GuatemalaIximcheAbaj TakalikCopánQuiriguaFloresCeibalSayaxchéAguatecaTikalUaxactunYaxhaTopoxteEl Mirador

Price details

This tour idea is fully customisable

The price reflects this specific tour itinerary and is designed to give you an idea of the budget required for this destination. Throughout the trip-planning process, our local agency will tailor your itinerary around your budget.

Approx. £3,240 / 15 days
Excluding international flights
2 pax
Price per person in double room£3,240

Included in price:

  • Ground transportation during your trip
  • 12 nights of lodging at Guatemala
  • 02 nights of lodging at Copan, Honduras
  • 13 breakfasts at hotels
  • Professional English-speaking guide for tours
  • Entrances fees to mentioned places
  • Local flight from Flores to Guatemala City one way via TAG Airline
  • Hotel taxes

Not included in price:

  • Meals not described
  • Departure taxes from Flores to Guatemala City (US$3 or Q20 p/p)
  • Alcoholic and none alcoholic beverages
  • Phone calls
  • Gratitudes for drivers and guides
  • Services not described
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