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The most important information when travelling in Burma

Practical advise and useful things to know when planning a trip to Burma, a country not yet much visited by tourists and still little known to the outside world.

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Culture and Discovery

Applying for a Burma travel visa

It is absolutely essential to apply for a tourist visa before leaving for Burma. This is nothing to worry about, however, as it couldn't be more simple. Here are a few ti...
Aurélie Chartier27 May 2015

The cost of living in Burma - everything is changing very quickly

Burma (which is also called Myanmar) is one of the most expensive destinations in south Asia and the prices are changing all the time. The country is still opening up and...
Gaëtan MOLENE22 March 2016

Security conditions in Burma

In this article, learn about security conditions you will encounter in Burma.
David Debrincat17 November 2015

Burma today

Burma (now called Myanmar) hasn't enjoyed the most stable of political situations for a good number of years now. Armed conflicts, power struggles and a fragile governmen...
Caroline Guibert22 March 2016

The different means of transport in Myanmar

This article will help you decide on the best way to get around in Myanmar.
David Debrincat20 November 2015
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