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Culture and Discovery

Brazil: Precautions for traveling safely

Brazil is a tourist destination that also has a reputation for violence, not least due to negative media coverage. It's a country with a large rich-poor divide, which mea...
Delphine Teisserenc28 May 2015

Going to Rio Carnival: Samba!

Do you fancy the Rio Carnival? Get ready. Here is some information to help you enjoy this 100% Brazilian experience. Samba!
Camille Veillard20 April 2016

Travelling to Brazil with a French-speaking guide

Travelling in Brazil with a guide who knows the country's culture and language perfectly can be a strong asset. A way to fully enjoy your getaway in the country of the sa...
Amélie Perraud-Boulard22 November 2015

Brazil, for the discovery of a tropical land

The fifth country of the world by its size, Brazil alone occupies half of the territory of South America. It is divided into 5 administrative regions with very different ...
Caroline Guibert20 November 2015

Souvenirs from the carnival capital of the world

When it's time to head home from Brazil, I always take back Havaianas flip flops, which cost must less along with sarongs. I give our friends colorful costume jewelry and...
Tiphaine Leblanc28 May 2015

The history of a melting pot

Brazil was discovered by a Portuguese explorer in 1500. Sugar cane production, gold mining and animal husbandry quickly developed. The reign of Emperor Pierre ll saw an i...
Tiphaine Leblanc28 May 2015

Brazil, a land of believers

Quintessentially a religious land, Brazil is considered first and foremost a Catholic country. The image of a gigantic Christ overlooking the territory is an obvious witn...
Caroline Guibert20 November 2015

Travelling to Brazil when you are handicapped

Without any doubt, Brazil is not the country with the most adapted structures to welcome handicapped travellers. However it's a situation which the country has been tryin...
Amélie Perraud-Boulard20 November 2015

For your honeymoon, head to Brazil!

It's hard not to fall in love with a destination as rich and endearing as Brazil. Dreamy beaches, electrifying cities and a majestic, varied nature. Does that not sound l...
Amélie Perraud-Boulard20 November 2015

Music and dance in Brazil

Brazil is filled with diverse musical styles, one of the country's many charms that will make your vacation memorable. But you don't need to wait until you're there; ch...
Delphine Teisserenc28 May 2015
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