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An update from Evaneos

Brazil as it is today

A rapidly developing country, Brazil has a lot to offer tourists, but is also having to face difficult internal disputes that are not always easy to handle. As a country where security can be an obstacle, it is still doing everything it can to develop a responsible tourist trade that respects both its environment and its people.

Brazil, a mighty country...but not without flaws

Brazil is a developing country that, over recent years, has seen such rapid economic growth, it is today ranked as the 8th largest economy in the world. The expansion of Brazil is largely due to industrialization and a boost in the service sector. Nonetheless, the primary sector remains strong, the country being one of the world's leading exporters.

This growth has, consequently, widened the rich-poor divide, leading to social conflict within local populations. In brief, Brazil is having to deal with wide social disparities. Poverty is a real concern, provoking violence that is not limited to urban centers. Be it on the waterways, the roads or in its rainforest, the entire country is feeling the effect. Brazil has big problems in terms of public safety and any traveler needs to be aware of this. At the same time, the government is tackling the issue, aiming to not only improve conditions for its citizens, but also for visitors.   

Be on your guard? Yes! Be paranoid? No!

It's true that Brazil is not the safest of countries ! But you're not going to be mugged on every street corner. You'll quickly notice that Brazilians themselves are wary, prefering to hide behind tinted windows and live in secure compounds.

I believe that being discreet is the best approach. Being natural and relaxed will help you blend into the crowd and go about unnoticed. I've visited Brazil four times and, by following these guidelines, have never had a problem.

The importance of eco-tourism...

The Rio Solimões in the Brazilian Amazon

As the largest country in Latin America and home to three-fifths of the Amazon rainforest, the importance of eco-tourism in Brazil is undeniable. Even so, environmental matters are at the heart of numerous political, economic and social conflicts, meaning it's a sensitive issue. Eco-tourism is on the up, it's mission being to respect not only the environment but also local populations, many of which live in the rainforest. A vacation on Brazilian soil will give you the chance to discover a colorful country that lives to a pulsing rythym.

Delphine Teisserenc
58 contributions
Updated 28 May 2015
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