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Trip review

Familia W
Familia W
enjoyed their trip to Brazil

Brazil is an amazing country......we loved all the places we visited and the local people and would recommend it as a destination to others....we could not recomend the local tour operators, which is sad as we have always had such great experiences with Evaneous before and have recommended them to many friends
Trip Details
As a family
14 July 2018
Trip type

Trip customised with a local travel agent in the destination

Familia W
Familia W
31 July 2018
Best parts:
Our destinations...Rio, Iguazu, Pantanal and Chapada diamantina
Worst parts:
The internal journeys...these were longer and more complex than they needed to be with multiple internal flights via Sau Paulo rather than direct flights......we could see via the departures board that direct flights were available and yet these had never been offered to us...Even if they had cost more we might have paid the difference to have more holiday and less travel. Our experience was made worse by being turned away on the one day we had a direct flight booked ...despite arriving 2 hours early. We were told that this ‘ often happens’ and yet we had not been advised of a need to confirm internal flights the previous day. This was compounded by the failure of the local emergency support number on this and several other days in the holiday. Additionally we had local guides turn up who weren’t sure what we were booked for and whether our trips had been paid for in advance. This left us feeling increasingly anxious and concerned about each journey. It would also have been helpful to know in advance which days had included lunches and which days we needed swimwear for etc.....there was little helpful information upfront and then the guides appeared surprised when we had already arranged our own lunches or failed to pack swimwear!
Agency's comment
Dear Georgina & Family, Thank you very much for your feedback and comments. It is through these responses that we can continue to improve our services. I'm sorry the trip did not meet your expectati...Dear Georgina & Family, Thank you very much for your feedback and comments. It is through these responses that we can continue to improve our services. I'm sorry the trip did not meet your expectations! It saddened me to know this, since we have been in constant contact throughout your journey, and if I knew that in advance we might have acted to reverse the situation in some way. About flights, at the route that you flew (from Foz do Iguaçu to Campo Grande & Campo Grande to Salvador) unfortunatelly there is no direct flihghts available. Once I received your e-mail I checked again to see if any airline had changed the air network and included some flight like this, but still there is no direct option with any airline. Also, we are really sorry about what happened with Avianca. They did not explain exactly what happened, but by the laws of the country they have a duty to transport them from one point to another on the same day, even if it is on a worse flight. We're tired of fighting the brazilian airlines, but we've got our hands tied in cases like this. Before the trip of our clients we send that Travel Book that you have received, with all the details about included items, pick up times and useful information. We are working to get it printed in each traveler's hotels so it can be more easily consulted and avoid doubts like the ones you had. Georgina, anyway I'm glad that you liked Brazil and I'm really sorry for not knowing before about what was not going well because immediately we would have acted to correct the dissatisfactions to make your trip perfect. It was a pleasure to serve you. Best Regards, Vanessa.See more
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