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Cafayate (Argentina)

Practical information about Cafayate

  • Countryside
  • Mountain
  • Vineyards
  • Essential
3 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
3 hours by car from Salta
When to go
From June to September
Minimum stay
One day

Reviews of Cafayate

Fanny Dumond Travel writer
64 travel articles

Cafayate is a jewel of a town to the south of Salta. Explore its vineyards, the majestic rocky countrside, or just enjoy its way of life.

My suggestion:
Aim to get to Cafayate from Salta towards the end of the afternoon. On the road, the colours of the sunset over Quebrada de las Conchas are spectacular.

Cafayate is an ideal place to stop and explore Argentina's excellent wine. There are lots of cafes and restaurants that serve wines made in the region, such as the famous Torrontes.

I loved Cafayate - the white houses built around the big central square, the arcades, the little cobbled streets to wander down... It's terraces made us want to slow down our trip a bit. Time seems to stand still there.

Cafayate is also a good starting point for lots of different activities and excursions. You can visit the bodegas and try the wine, explore the ruins at Quilmes, or go walking in the surrounding countryside. Nature has done some wonderful things here. The ochre, red and orange rocks are simply beautiful and completely unforgettable.

Bodega at Cafayate
michael mamane Travel writer
76 travel articles

Cafayate is a town located in Salta Province, northwest Argentina: a region famous for the quality of its vineyards. It's an interesting place to visit for tourists staying in northwest Argentina.

My suggestion:
I would only advise making a trip to Cafayate if you happen to be interested in wine, as that's the only attraction the town has to offer in my opinion.

Being a fan of wine, I really enjoyed my visit to Cafayate: the region in which the town is located is famous for producing some of the best wines in Argentina. There are many bodegas in the area that tourists can visit, and doing so is an enjoyable way to get to sample and taste the wines, especially the whites, which are made using grapes of the Torrontés variety. We in fact had the pleasurable experience of uncorking a bottle of white wine to drink as an accompaniment for around a dozen empanadas (a kind of filled pasty) we'd purchased from the Casa de Empanadas in the centre of Cafayate. It was delightful!

In my opinion, the opportunity to visit the vineyards is the primary reason for coming to this region. The town of Cafayate itself, though a pleasant enough place, does not have anything else of major interest to offer. It does have some good local restaurants and a decent range of accommodation however.

To give myself the freedom to visit the region at my own leisure, I rented a car in Salta and headed for Cafayete directly from there. I didn't regret choosing this option. In particular, the mountain scenery of the Calchaquí Valleys, which you pass through on the way from Salta to Cafayete, is quite wonderful.

Wine & empanadas from Cafayate
Maryam Josheni Travel writer
20 travel articles

Cafayate is a relatively calm, little village. Hitting the shops or enjoying its large restaurants is a great way to recharge your batteries before you head off to explore the northwest of Argentina.

My suggestion:
If you're planning to stay over in Cafayate, make sure you reserve a room in advance. They're quickly booked up, particularly during the high season.

The town of Cafayate is a popular departure point for travellers wishing to tour Argentina's northwest. 

It has loads of restaurants that serve delicious grilled dishes! The town's also known for its wine and you can visit some of its wine cellars. I went to the Bodega Domingo Molina, where I sampled a glass or two on a terrace opposite a sublime view. Something I heartily recommend! 

Once out of of town, you can go hiking in the Calchaquies Valleys, where you'll get great views of the surrounding mountains. 

If, like me, you're a hiking fan, I suggest you head to the the Del Rio Dolorado Falls; a 5 kilometre walk through a beautiful Argentinian countryside. Think about hiring a guide, which makes the trek even more enjoyable.

The Cafayate countryside
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