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Customise a trip itinerary based on your interests.
Local agent
Hand-picked professionals based in the destination.
At Evaneos, we don't do standardised tours. Our platform gives you the freedom to create tailor-made trips directly with a local travel agent based in the destination.

The advantages of booking via Evaneos

Access to local expertise

All our local agents have been chosen based on rigorous selection criteria, including English-speaking ability, fairness of prices, and knowledge of their destination.

Tailor-made specialists

With Evaneos, you have the power to customise your own trips from A to Z, for example: accommodation, transport, trip length, activities, places of interest, and pace of travel.

Cut out the

By booking directly with local service providers, you only pay for the services you book. We're proud to have a model through which more money stays in local economies.

Guarantees for peace of mind

Evaneos' role is to provide the same guarantees as traditional tour operators, such as secure payment, ABTA-protection, and trip replacement or reimbursement services.

Key figures

160 destinations
1,300 local agencies
8,000 customisable tours
300,000 travellers have trusted us
800,000 members in our community

A community of local agents

Evaneos offers local travel agents a unique platform allowing them to create trips directly with travellers, and we continue to support each of our partner agents every day.

Our partner agents know their destination better than anyone else,
and are passionate about sharing it with travellers. As well as customising your trip, they'll be available to help 24/7 while you're abroad.

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Once our local agents receive your trip enquiries, they'll contact you by email or by telephone (should you be comfortable with this) to begin putting together a tailor-made itinerary. Take advantage of their local expertise by asking them questions and advice - when is the best time to visit the Taj Mahal? Where can you find the best beaches in Costa Rica? They'll take care of all your on-the-ground arrangements: welcoming you upon arrival, transferring you to your accommodation, booking your hotels, selecting suitable guides, and reserving all your activities.

More information

A community of travellers

Each and every one of our travellers is like an extension of the Evaneos family

The Evaneos Community brings together globetrotters
and travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

The happiness of our travellers is paramount to Evaneos. We encourage each traveller to leave honest feedback - negative or positive - about their trips and about the agent with whom they were in contact. This sharing of information in our Traveller Community allows other travellers to make more informed choices, and of course, it gives us essential feedback with which to improve the quality of our services and of our agents in the future.

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And finally...the Evaneos Team

In a nutshell, our job is to provide the tools, resources,
and guarantees to revolutionise the way people travel
(...and to have some fun doing it).

Meet the team

How do locally-made trips work?


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